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Can't fly with real flying

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I play with Succubus race and I saw I can fly with "SuccubusRace RealFlying patch" and "Real flying (with Gliding and Collisions)". The problem is a can't fly, i hover but that's all.


I looked for several solutions but nothing seems to work for me (I may have missed it because of my bad English)


So, if someone can help me, I will be happy ?

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- to begin "Gliding" you need to press and hold "Forward" button then press "Jump".
- in "Gliding" mode you may press "Jump" again to switch to the "Flying" mode ("Forward" key must be hold down).
- in "Flying" mode you may use "Sprint"/"Sneak" keys to fly up or lift down ("Forward" key must be hold down).
- if you release "Forward" key in any mode - your character will start to falling down.


- Unpack archive to the game's folder and activate mod in launcher.
- Run "Generate FNIS for Users.exe" and press "Update" button.
- Cook the "Mutagen" in any cooking pot, then drink it.

- Stop your character and drink another (cure) "Mutagen" to remove the wings.
- Save, leave the game and delete all files of the mod.


The problem is that with this mod, you are forced to use potions to put on / take off the wings



I use these :


Animated Dragon Wings


Flying Mod Beta


Flying Mod Overhauled and Enhanced


They must be installed in the order you see them, overwrite where required  Launch FNIS


ADW 100%  0r 150% wings size

Fly mod in game> additemmenu> fly ring> fly spell + fly configuration

Set fly configuration with no stamina drain

With MCM> Succubus Race set Animated Dragon Wings

In player menu> spell set Succubus transform + fly spell 


with key F insert them in the favorites, with Key Q open the favorites menu 

Give it a number. In the game click on the selected number and press Key Z to activate them

To fly, when selected, press Key Z + space to go up. To get off, Key Z + Space.

To remove the wings, cancel the transformation into Succubus

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