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Can't load mods


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Normally I would go to a more generic forum for help with this but since all my mods so far are from LL I figured it would be better to ask here. For some reason only some of my mods are even showing up in the mods list. I have double checked everything and its all up to date and I have refreshed the launcher three times just in case but for some reason only some of my mods will load and non of the images load at all even in mods that do show up in the list. I feel like it might be something stupid I am overlooking but I just can't find what is wrong. I have attached a list of my installed mods and a list of what is loading.



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It wasn't any mod I made but as it turns out mods that I did modify the descriptor.mod file of. I knew it was a stupid thing that I was overlooking. Once I reinstalled the .mod files with ones from the archive then I found the mods again.

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I just reinstalled Stellaris after not playing for years, devs sure do some shit about the way mods are now managed. Why they don't keep the way it works before (just puting files in mod folder in documents like in CK2)? The new way is complicated, not ergonomic or intuitive.

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