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Devious device for VR

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If anybody has a working devious devices mod working on VR could you please for the love of god share me your DD files? Especially DDi


I followed guide to make it work but it only redirects to the current build (4.3) where ddi won't work and I have 0 knowledge as how to convert it..



I also have another issue, I suspect it might have something to do (?) with my DDi not working but whenever I have restraining devices on I can not see them except for small things like piercing, bell and such. I made my research... everywhere they say I need to batch build them in my bodyslide but no matter how many times I try or try to output in different places I can't seem to get it to work.. Last I tried I outputted the builds in a folder I named "meshes - bodyslide" inside of MO's overwrite folder, wont work. Tried building with 3BA and CBBE

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