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Mac Help! not working

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Remove the mods folder and create a new one
Install Wicked Whims using the file
OPTINAL INSTALLERย Found in the WW folder that you downloaded
When the CMD of the registers press ENTER to start
From the mod folder you previously removed, delete the Wicked Whims folder, reimport the mods into the game folder. In the game, repeat the installation procedure. So you should solve the problem.
:exclamation:ย Warning: Only the TURBODRIVER files and those of the translation must exist in the WW folder.
Any other files must have separate folders



PS :.ย Even if the screen is for Windows, the system should remain the same for MAC as well





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I had this issue as well last night. ย I had to uninstall the app, reinstall and update to the Legacy version for my Mac. ย Pulled out my Mods folder and my Tray folder. ย Launched the app and finally got Sims 4 to run without crashing on boot. ย Then I updated all the mods I could think of and slowly added them back, making note of which ones were added so I could figure what was crashing my game. ย Turns out for me it was an old mod from like 2012.

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