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Torture mod


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Hi I was wondering if there is/ someone could make a mod that would allow me to imprison people and torture them. Both sexually and physically. I would like it to have many of the old medieval tortures e.g. pear of anguish, pillory, whips, and other things. I want there to be a visible reaction and begging. I would also like sex toys to be included and for people to have an actual reaction to being tortured e.g screaming. I don't want too much blood or guts and preferably I would like the tortures to be non lethal. I would also like to be able to chain people up and then torture them.

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Sorry for the double post the edit button doesn't like me. I had some more ideas for a mod. I would like to see sex toys that could actually be used and not just worn during sex. And if the act were non-consensual the npc or pc would struggle against it.

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Guest ThatOne

The best way to get what you want into the game is to create it yourself. There's plenty of guides here that should get you started, and if you have questions about specific things you can always request help.

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