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[Question]Combat Gameplay Overhaul Left Hand Is Useless

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So I started a new game with CGO installed and I was having a blast until I decided to cast a spell with my left hand(had a sword in my right).Nothing happened,the hand twitched a little as if it was trying to animate but it didn't.I tried equipping anything beside 2-handed in my left hand and nothing works.It either twitches and does nothing or attempts to block for 0.5 secs then goes back to idle.Nothing is overwriting the behaviour files,only the nemesis engine output files.I don't understand if this is intended but it feels really weird.I also tried the nexus forum of the mod and got...nothing I guess. 

Here is my modwatch:https://modwat.ch/u/HowlinChaser/plugins

Any help would be appreciated

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