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Farrah's Dirty Adventures

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Hello everyone! 

Since a lot of us are stuck at home right now, myself included, I thought I'd share some of my sims current adventures and go through her story, and share it with you guys! I will warn you I'm a massive freak so that will be reflected here. To name a few things, expect lots of bondage, force, whoring, some incest, some monster/alien fucking, and more. Now that we have that out of the way, let's meet my sims!


 Farrah Pressley

Farrah is my main sim who will be the star of most, if not all of the posts I make.  Farrah is to put it lightly, a huge slut. She craves cum constantly, and can't go for more than a day without getting any in or on her body. She needs cum almost as much as she needs air. She's always wet, always ready, and will fuck anything that's willing to stuff her holes full. She loves cock, but she'll never turn down pussy. She's a bit of a mess, but so much fun. Click the spoiler to see more screenshots of just her!






Hazel Pressley

Hazel is Farrah's mom. I imagine shes very conservative, religious, and thinks "kinky" means to fuck with the lights on. I also gave her the sensually tight trait, so she also doesn't exactly enjoy sex. She's a bit of a prude, and honestly deserves someone better than her husband. His career supports them well, so she forgives his "lifestyle". I don't think you'll see too much of her, but she is in

current cast, so I figured I'd show you all her. Click the spoiler to see more of just Hazel!






Felix Pressley

Felix is Farrah's younger brother. He's still a teen, so I feel that as he matures and goes off to university we'll see him mature and change up a little bit. Felix is a sweetie! He takes more after his mother, but he's more exploitative and open to trying new things. He recently caught his dad and sister fucking in his bed. They didn't notice, but seeing that has put some ideas into sweet Felix's head. He approached his dad about it, and got a load of cum down his throat that's now left him confused with his sexuality. He always thought he was straight, but after that experience his next door neighbor and classmate, Alexander Goth has been entering his dreams almost nightly. Click the spoiler for more of just Felix!





Jeff Pressley

Jeff is Farrah and Felix's father, and the husband of Hazel. To put it simply, Felix is a massive manwhore. He fucks anything with a hole and doesn't care too much for who the hole is attached to, or even if he has full consent. He works as a professor at the local university and he's always open for "office hours" and takes multiple types of favors for improved grades. He loves his job, and his students seem to love him, or they at least love how easy it is to pass his class. He's cheated on Hazel since they first got together. She's always in so much pain for days after, it eventually stopped being fun for him. So, he would get his fix elsewhere until her holes had healed up enough for use again. He stopped trying to hide what he was doing from Hazel years ago, and while she was mad at first, now she realizes that this is really what's best for them.  Jeff never really knew that he would have the relationship he does with his children, but Farrah is a spitting image of her mother and just as ready as he is at all hours of the day or night. Felix's curiosity and tight ass were just too irresistible for him to fight.  It's convenient too, having access to so many holes, it might be just enough to keep his balls empty for awhile. Maybe. Click the spoiler to see more of just Jeff!





Amos Torres - Alien

Amos is an alien who got too deep into probing human sims, he couldn't take the sterile environment of the spaceship anymore. He wanted - no - needed to have some sort of real physical touch. So he went rouge, ditched the federation and is living his life out as an alien in Oasis Springs. He has one of the biggest dicks and was the top preforming breeder for some time, filling human holes with several alien eggs at once. It was a sad day when the federation lost his talents, but luckily for the sims in Oasis Springs, he's still willing to put his gifts to good use. Check the spoiler for more of his alien goodness! 






Xanthe Greer - Alien

Xanthe is also an alien, but he was born on Earth. His parents never sent him back to Sixam, and honestly, he's never much cared to go visit. He's happy on earth with all of the humans who find him and his massive anatomy so interesting. He also has a love for the local plant life, specifically cannabis and those funky little mushrooms. He often uses both when he's bedding a new partner, and he's never once had a complaint. Check out more of him in the spoiler!






Blaine Rinehart - Merman


Blaine never really knew his dad, his mother never talked about him so he never questioned it. They lived most of his life in the city, so he assumed his biological didn't bother was some business asshole who came to the city on business, had a one night stand and dipped. He never knew anything else until his teens when he sprouted a whole ass tail in the neighborhood pool. Turns out his dad was from a long line of Mermen in Sulani, and he was also gifted the gene. It's not so bad. Chicks love checking out his fins, and his cock has the most amazing texture... 





Julius Hackett -Vampire


Julius has been a vampire for awhile now. He was turned back in the 60's when he was high as a fucking kite. He doesn't remember much, but he doesn't regret becoming a vampire. He can charm his way into anyone's bed, and his favorite past time is to cum and drink at the same time. Who knew there would be so many willing participants? He much prefers living prey that he can visit again and again, but he's messed up a few times. He's rough on his partners to the point where he often leaves them black and blue, but they always come back begging for more.






Lizbeth Hollis - Vampire


Lizbeth has been a vampire for centuries now. She was turned one night while working in a brothel by some no-name john who was using her for a quick pump and dump. He got carried away, but luckily he was smart enough to give her some of his blood before he ran for the hills. She loves her abilities, it's made her job much easier, and much more profitable. She can mind control men into dumping thousands of simoleons into her bank account on a whim, and its never hard to find something good to eat. She is a bit more classical in her tastes and flirt style, but she's just about as wild as they come.





Those are all of my current sims. Farrah will get with pretty much everyone here once she moves away from home. I would love to have some other creatures in my game so if y'all know of any good werewolf/furry/fairy/whatever mods please let me know! 


That's enough for this introduction post, the next one we'll get to the good stuff! ;) 

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Farrah's Dirty Adventures 1 - Content Warning - Incest


Farrah could never mentally get over the fact that she was fucking her dad, no matter how many hundreds of times it's happened by now. She couldn't help herself, his cock was big and he knew what he was doing. He could make her cum within a matter of seconds, and she learned early on in their escapades that resisting his cock only made him fuck her rougher. These days she sometimes uses that to her advantage, but she'll never admit that to him. Over time she's come to crave his fat cock just as much as he craves her tight cunt. Today she was walking back to her bedroom in just a towel, and he happened to come up the stairs. The look on his face made her cunt clench and she swallowed hard.


"Hi daddy," she said sweetly.


"Hello baby," he smirked as he ran up to her and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her up against the wall and kissed her deeply.


Farrah gasped and kissed him back until they finally had to part to breathe. She felt his hard cock pulse in his pants and she moaned. Jeff opened the nearest door and shoved her face down ass up on the bed. 


"But daddy, this is Felix's room can't we-"


"Shut up and be a good girl." Jeff commanded as he slammed his whole cock into her at once.


With that, all of her protests were silenced and she was only focused on her daddy's thick hard cock pumping away inside her. He never fucked her with a condom, and she didn't have a single problem with that. Feeling hot cum fill her insides was one of Farrah's favorite things. 


Jeff and Farrah were to focused on eachother to see the door open slightly, or to hear it close gently a few minuets later...






Felix spent the rest of his day thinking about what he saw. His dad and sister were fucking in his bed. At first he wanted to go tell his mom, but his cock was so hard, his sister had some of the biggest tits he'd ever seen, and the way she sounded...he couldn't help but stare and watch. He came hard and shut the door, worried that they noticed him, but no one had said anything the rest of the night. Maybe he'd gotten away with it? Did he want to get away with it? Felix wasn't entirely sure. He went to bed that night confused, but when he got under the covers he noticed a little bit of cum on his blanket. This made his cock throb, and he started stroking wildly. A terrible idea came into his head, but his cock twitched every time the thought came up.  He had to do it.


Quietly he sneaked out of his bedroom and down the hall to Farrah's room. Her door was always unlocked. When he walked in, he saw that she was naked and his heart pounded wildly. She rolled over and he froze, but it was quickly apparent that she was still asleep. He walked over and started to touch her tits as he viciously jacked off. Her tits were so soft and so big, he couldn't even fit one in his hand. Scared to wake her up, he stood over her sleeping form and jacked off over her face and tits. He came embarrassingly fast, all over her face. He froze, unsure if she would wake up, but Farrah just smiled at the feeling of warm cum on her face, rolled over and went back to sleep. With a sigh, Felix slowly walked out of her room to go back to bed.


But his dad caught him leaving Farrah's room, naked. His voice caught in his throat as he tried to explain, but Jeff already knew what had happened. Jeff stomped over to Felix and grabbed him by the hair and shoved him to his knees and popped out his massive cock.


"Your sister was going to take care of this for me, but your throat will work just as nicely."


"Dad I-" Felix's words were cut off when his dad shoved his big cock down Felix's throat. Felix's brain short circuited and he stayed there with his mouth wide open until his dad came down his throat.


"Go to bed, we'll talk in the morning." Jeff said as he walked across the hall to his own bedroom and shut the door, leaving Felix in the hall with thick cum dribbling down his chin. 






The next morning, Farrah woke up and got dressed to her fathers specifications. Mom was away for the day visiting friends and daddy had said that he wanted to see her in this outfit all day. She walked down to the family room and was going to spend the morning watching some TV when Jeff came downstairs.


"You look so sexy baby," Jeff smiled as he walked in. "Since you've been so good for me, I got you a little present. Go ahead babygirl, open it."


"Thank you daddy!" She excitedly giggled. When she opened the box, she gasped. "You got me a camera!"


"Yes I did, I know how much you love photography."


"Thank you, daddy!" Farrah smiled as she gave Jeff a tight embrace. "I have a special present for you too! Come with me!"


Jeff raised his eyebrow, but followed his daughter up the stairs, staring at her thick ass.






"I want to suck your cock daddy," Farrah gasped as she climbed on the bed. "Can I please suck your cock?"


"How can I say no to that?" Jeff smirked and striped out of all of his clothes.


Farrah giggled and as soon as Jeff was on the bed she got to work sucking his cock hard and fast, starting off by sucking and slurping on the tip before going all the way down to the base of his cock and back up again. She sucked him sloppily, messily, and loudly. Drooling everywhere as she struggled to take more of his cock in her mouth. She gagged and  coughed on his cock but she got all the way to the base and slipped her tongue out to lick his balls. She used one of her hands to squeeze and play with his balls as her throat contracted around his cock. She needed to drink her daddys cum.


Farrah's hard work paid off, it wasn't long before Jeff grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her all the way down his cock and came deep in her throat. He kept her there for awhile, but pulled out at the last second to get some cum on her pretty face. 


"You suck cock so well babygirl."


"Thank you daddy!" she said breathlessly. 


"Make sure you use that new camera to take some pictures for me today, okay?" Jeff said as he put his clothes back on. "I expect to have some pictures by lunchtime."


"I'll make sure to send them to you daddy!" Farrah said as she pulled out her new camera. "Have a good day at work!" 


"Thank you baby, I will."  Jeff smirked as he left her bedroom.






Farrah took a few pictures as soon as he left, and she sent them to him when she knew he was in the middle of a lecture.





Later that night Jeff came home with a student from his class, Dina was begging for a better grade, but Jeff was enjoying hearing her plead for him, so he wasn't ready to give in just yet. Jeff was pleasantly surprised though when Dina dropped to her knees in front of his house and pulled out his cock. 


"Please, Professor Pressley, I'll do anything, I'll take your cock anywhere you want! Please, I really need to pass this class!"


"I'm sorry Dina, you've shown up twice, there really isn't much I can do for you."


Felix walked out of the house and gasped. There his dad was, with his cock out and some random girl on her knees. Felix was just going to walk back inside, but the woman's voice stopped him. 


"I'll suck his dick too! Please? I swear I'll do well on the final!"


"What do you think, son?" Jeff asked. "Do you want this young woman to suck your cock?"


"Uh-I-um. Yes. I would like that." Felix stammered as he walked over to her.


Dina didn't waste any time. As soon as she heard yes she reached for his already half hard cock and started stroking, all while taking Jeff as far down her throat as possible. Dina knew she gave amazing head, and her talents were proven here as well. After twenty or so minutes bobbing back and forth on either cock, she finally got them close enough where they took their cocks out of her hands and covered her in cum.


"I expect to see you on Monday, Miss Caliente." Jeff said sternly as he walked back inside. 


"Yes sir, thank you." Dina said as she tossed her clothes back on. She looked over and saw Felix looking confused. 


"Hey kid, take this." She laughed as she tossed him her panties.


Felix caught them, smiled, and walked back inside.







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Farrah's Dirty Adventures 2 - Content Warning - Force, Public, and Incest




Farrah was horny and every fucker she called was asleep. She didn't think she'd get this drunk before someone tried to take advantage of her, but it seems most the people who came to the nightclub that night we're boring and coupled. Frustrated she stumbled out of the bar and opened up her phone. Simda wouldn't fail her now, would it? She sighed and looked up from her phone and saw a very attractive man approaching the nightclub. She could see his fangs from here and she called out to him wickedly.


"Wanna sink your teeth into me, daddy!" She giggled as she waved at him. "If you have a big one I'd let you sink something else into me too."


The man growled and wrapped her in his arms and took a deep sniff right on her neck and she felt his cock get rock hard in his pants.


"You're obviously drunk, love." He chuckled deeply. "Are you sure you can handle me?"


Farrah grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled his face into hers and kissed him deeply, moaning in his mouth and grinding into his hips. 


"Fuck yes I'm sure. Please fuck me?"


"I can't say no to that!" He grinned as she snatched him by the arm and took him into the bathroom of the nightclub.





It wasn't long until his cock was balls deep inside her sloppy wet cunt and she groaned loudly as he pushed up against her cervix. His cock was ice cold, contrasting her too hot cunt. The coldness of his body made goosebumps rise up on her skin as she aggressively rocked back and forth on his cock, practically screaming as he throbbed deep inside her.  With all the edging she'd done all night, and how desperate she was she couldn't take much more. She screamed, pulled her cunt off of his cock and squirted all over his cock and thighs.


"Holy shit baby, that was a fantastic surprise." He growled as he pumped his cock in his hands.


Farrah didn't say a word, she grabbed him and made him stand, sat on the toilet and grasped his cock firmly in her hands before she took it all the way down her throat. He let her have her way with him for a few minutes, but then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and grinned. 


"Push those massive tits together, I'm going to fuck them until I cum all over that sweet face." He smirked.


Farrah did as she was told and he fucked her big, soft, bouncy tits until he exploded thick, cold cum all over her face.


He grabbed a paper towel for her to clean her face but she shook her head. 


"Thank you handsome, but I like to keep my prize on me for as long as possible."


He stood there, his cock suddenly half hard again and shook his head. 


"I'm going to need you to text me, I have some friends that I think you're gonna like." He said as he put his pants back on.


"Fuck yes!" She giggled as she passed him her phone. "That sounds like fun, here, just add yourself to my contacts. I still owe you some neck time anyway."


"Are you sure you're not a fucking succubus or some shit?" He smiled and put his details into her phone and tossed it back to her.


"I'm sure, just a boring old human." She said as she pulled her skirt up over her thick ass.


"I would not call you boring." He said as he opened the door and watched her walk back out into the club. 


Farrah smirked over her shoulder, blew him a kiss and walked out of the club.




By the time Farrah got home the sun was up in the sky and she stopped to take a selfie right before she walked inside her house.


                            "Hey Julius! I'm guessing that's what your name is since you put it in your contacts. I figured you'd need a contact picture for me. My name is Farrah by the way."

It wasn't more than a minute later when she got a response. 

                             "Goddamn. I will absolutely make that your contact picture...nice to uh...meet you, Farrah. You'll be hearing from some of my friends soon. We have a group and I think you'd fit right in."

                              "If your friends have dicks anywhere near as big as yours, I think I'd fit in too." 

She sent him a few choice emojis and walked inside where her dad was heading down into the kitchen for coffee.




"I see you had fun last night baby," Jeff said as he pulled Farrah into his arms. "I raised such a good whore, walking home with cum on your face was very good of you."


"I thought you'd like to see what I'd gotten up to," she grinned and nibbled at his ear. "I need some sleep. Have a good day at work daddy!"


Jeff smacked her ass as she turned to walk up the stairs, a massive grin on his face.


When Farrah woke up that afternoon she had a text from an unknown number. When she opened it she saw a massive scaled dick on her screen. 


                                 "Hey, I'm Blaine. My friend Julius said you're the freak he fucked in the bathroom of the Blue Velvet last night. I think we should meet. Something tells me you'd like what I have to offer."

Farrah's cunt clenched when she looked at his massive cock and she replied back with her address.

                                  "If you're free, you should be at my house in an hour."



Blaine and Farrah texted constantly until he arrived. She already adored his cock, but he was also very laid back and funny. They made some small talk in the foyer, but Farrah had edged the entire time she was getting ready and being  this close to him when she knew exactly what he was packing was too much of a tease. After some coy flirting, she simply commanded him to follow her upstairs, which he oh so willingly did.





Farrah rode Blaine HARD, slamming her hips up and down on his cock wildly, his scaled cock felt amazing inside her, the texture rubbed against her inner walls unlike anything else she'd ever felt before. She was doing well for awhile, until he turned her around, grabbed her ass and plowed up into her so hard she couldn't see straight. Her bed slammed back and forth against the wall and her cunt pulsed around his cock. He didn't bother to tell her when he came, he just exploded deep into her cunt, filling her to the brim with his thick seed.  The feeling of being creampied was too much for her, and she squirted hard all over him and her bed, breathlessly shaking as she slumped down on top of him.


They talked some as Blaine got dressed to leave, but right before he left, he kissed Farrah on the top of her head and said, "Julius was right, you're gonna fit right in with us." 


And with that, he left.




The next morning she got another text, this time an address in Del Sol Valley and SimCash Deposit of 300 simoleons.


                      "Wear something nice, and meet me here at 11 AM for a private brunch. - Amos" 

Attached was a picture of another dick, but this one was inhumanly large, with ridges down the sides and center. Most interestingly it was blue, and Farrah smirked. She'd heard about aliens, but she was going to get much more up close and personal. She texted back a confirmation and got dressed quickly so she could meet Amos in time.





Amos was lovely, a perfect gentleman and they had the entire upper floor of the building to themselves. Mimosas and fruits were everywhere, and they did spend a few minuets talking and drinking, but Farrah knew what she was here for. She stripped out of her dress and Amos was on her in an instant.


Amos had fucked so many humans by this point, he knew most of them could only take his cock in a certain position. He drilled into her with her vertical down the couch, and her screams echoed the entire upstairs. It felt like his massive alien cock was tearing her apart from the inside. His cock pulsed, vibrated, and twitched in an entirely unique way and her cunt hungrily squeezed him. He pounded into her until Farrah squirted on his cock, and with a growl he commanded her to suck him. She obeyed, but she almost dislocated her jaw in the process. She sucked him into a thick gooey fluid that wasn't quite cum filled her mouth and he pulled out and kissed her. 


"You are exquisite. Not many humans can take my hole cock, I'm impressed." Amos smiled.


"Thank you sir." She giggled as she pulled her dress back on.




It was probably less than 24 hours before she had Xanthe in her house.  His dick was almost the exact same as Amos', and even fifteen minutes after she'd left the brunch place her cunt was aching to be filled like that again. Farrah had honestly gotten along amazingly well with all the men who'd recently filled her holes and enjoyed their company, but there was something a little different about Xanthe.  Something about him drew her in and they spent most of the day talking before she even touched his cock, and that was something. But eventually their banter became flirtatious, and seeing the outline of his cock in his tight pants made her mouth water. She needed him, and she needed him now.





He said he had just gotten off of work before he got there, so Farrah led him into her bathroom and turned on the hot water. As they showered together, she sank to her knees and swallowed his massive cock down into her throat. She sucked him until her jaw ached and locked, and just when she thought she couldn't keep his cock in her mouth any longer he grabbed her by the back of her head and forced his cock as far down her throat as possible. She gasped as thick gets of sweet thick alien cum filled her throat and warmed her entire body as it made it's way into her. He pulled out of her, turned off the shower and pulled her into the bathtub, his cock still hard and glistening. They fucked hard and rough in the tub, and in this position Xanthe's cock felt like the biggest she had ever had. It stretched her and forced her cunt to mold to his otherworldly dick, and fuck it felt amazing. He plowed into her for what felt like hours, and eventually she rode him. He rubbed her clit and she squirted as she came hard all over him, and he released a torrent of thick alien cum into her cunt soon after. As they came down, they held each other in the bath tub for some time, just quietly enjoying each others company.


"You know, Farrah. The guys and I have been looking for a roommate and when Julius talked about how he met you, I thought he was crazy. But you're great and we all really like you. Would you maybe want to move in with us? We're all a bunch of horny fucks, and having someone like you around would be a lot of fun."


"That actually sounds like a dream." Farrah smiled. "I've been wanting to move out, but I don't have a job or anything right now, so I don't know how good of a roomate I'd be."


"Don't worry about that, we just like having you around, and I'm sure we could all come up with some sort of um...agreement?"


A wide grin came across Farrah's face and she nodded excitedly.


"Yeah, that works. But I sleep with you in your bed."


"Deal," Xanthe agreed as he slapped her ass.



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Felix's Interlude

No sex, just some cuteness that happened in game. :)







Mom was staying with a friend, Dad was staying late at work to put in some extra "office hours" and Farrah was out at the nightclub.  Felix didn't mind being alone, he liked it sometimes and it helped him get ahead on his school work. He was graduating in a few months, and he wanted to have all his grades squared away. 


Out of nowhere his phone buzzed and he looked down. He had a text from his classmate and neighbor, Alexander Goth.

         "Hey man, are you up to anything right now? I'm bored!" 

Felix was surprised at the text. He and Alexander had grown up in the neighborhood together, and they used to play often when they were younger, but it had been some time since they had hung out. He never knew why, really. He felt a little conflicted, he did have work to do but since that night Felix sucked his father's dick, Alexander has been on his mind often...

          "I'm just doing homework, come on over and we can play something on console." 

Felix sent the reply and just a few minutes later Alexander was knocking at the door.  Felix let him in and they made some small talk for a few minutes about school and some of their mutual friends. 

"Did you know there's supposed to be a meteor shower tonight? It's really clear out there. Would you wanna check it out?"

"That would be cool, yeah. Let's go."

The two young men went out to the front pathway of Felix's home and laid down and stared up at the stars together. Felix eventually lost track of time, and they just talked for what seemed like hours. Eventually it got late and Alexander had to head home.

"That was cool," Felix said. "Thank's for hanging out."

"Yeah..." Alexander blushed and looked down. "Hey, uh, I stopped coming by before because I um, well I'm attracted to you and didn't want to weird you out. I still don't so don't feel weird, you just look really cute all the time, and I had to tell you."

"Well I wish you had just told me sooner, I miss hanging out with you man." Felix said as he pulled Alexander into a hug. "Plus, I uh....think the same about you."

"Wait, what?" Alexander laughed. "I didn't think you were into guys?"

"I didn't think so either but some stuff has happened and I can say that I'm into guys." Felix blushed. 

"That's cool," Alexander smiled.

Felix didn't say anything else, he just went in for a kiss, one that Alexander accepted and returned passionately. When they finally pulled away they were both blushing.

"This might be soon, but I don't care." Alexander said as he pulled Felix close to him. "Do you wanna be my boyfriend?"

"Yes," Felix said as he kissed Alexander again.




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Farrah's Dirty Adventures 3 - Content Warning - Force, Incest, Group Sex





It had been a few weeks since Farrah met Julius and all his friends. She told her dad that she was going to move out at the start of summer break, and he didn't take it too well at first, but she promised he could come and visit her, and that she'd sign up for classes at his collage in the fall. That seemed to sate him for the most part, but he fucked and came in her daily, at least three or four times a day. Felix caught them once, and daddy told him to get in on the action. It'd probably been about a month now where the three of them would fuck daily, on top of her excursions out with Julius, Xanthe, and the others. Farrah didn't mind being constantly full of cum, as a matter of fact, it was the opposite. She loved it, and she would almost drunkenly walk up to her father when he came home from work and start playing with his cock. 


Mom had picked up a job working nights at a local restaurant her friend owned as a favor. With mom gone most of the evening, most nights the three remaining family members all piled into the master bedroom, and Farrah got filled with cum in all of her holes.




"I'm gonna miss having you home babygirl," Jeff said as he grabbed Farrah and pulled her close.


"I know daddy," Farrah said as she wrapped her arms around him. "But you can always come and visit, and we can see each other on campus."


"I'm going to have to find some other holes to fill, I've gotten so used to being able to have you whenever I want. I'm going to miss all of this."


"We have a few more months." Farrah said.


"I'll make sure to make the most of it." 






Jeff really did make the most of it, he had her suck his cock while he worked at his desk at home, but she didn't mind getting the practice, as she expected when she moved in with the guys, she would be doing much of the same.


One day though, she didn't start her period after finishing her birth control. A pregnancy test confirmed her suspicions. She was pregnant. Vampires and aliens couldn't get humans pregnant on accident, and Blaine much preferred to cum down her throat. That only left two possibilities, and she wasn't sure what to do.


She told her dad that she thought it was his or Felix's, and he was so excited, and offered to raise the baby for her, but she wasn't so sure.





The whole situation came to a head when her mom walked in on the conversation and freaked out. Demanding an explanation. Farrah tried to explain to her mother what was happening, but she didn't want to hear it, and she pushed past Jeff and left the house in a rush, pissed as all hell.


"Don't worry about your mother," Jeff said to Farrah. "I'll handle her."


Jeff left the house and Felix came up behind her in the hallway. 


"Since we have some time anyway, do you wanna join me in the shower?"


Farrah smirked and nodded.







Farrah jumped into the shower with Felix and sucked his dick hungrily. 


"It's kinda hot thinking that either dad or I got you pregnant." Felix said honestly as he pumped into her throat.


"I think it's hot too," Jeff said as he walked into the room and stepped into the shower.


Farrah didn't say anything, but she moaned around Felix's cock as she began stroking her father's. Felix pulled her up and slammed his dick in her hot wet pussy and groaned. She stroked her dad's cock hard and fast as she was plowed into by her younger brother. Eventually, her dad helped Felix lift her up and they both sank their cocks in her, Jeff taking her ass and Felix taking her cunt. She fucked them just like that until she came over Felix's cock.


"I need to be in her cunt now, let her clean her cum off you," Jeff growled.


Felix put Farrah down and stepped out of the shower, allowing Jeff to slam deep into her cunt and drill into her. Farrah sucked Felix's dick clean and when she came all over her daddy's cock the two men removed themselves from her holes and came all over her face.







Later that night as Jeff was getting ready for bed, Hazel came into their bedroom furious. 


"You're one sick fuck, you know that?" Hazel screamed. "I let you go out there and fuck anyone you want, and you chose our kids? I'm disgusted by you. I can't believe I married such a perverted monster!"


"Haze, baby I can understand why you're upset but it's fine. We're all adults." Jeff sighed.


"FINE?" Hazel screeched. "On what fucking planet is that fine?"


"They consent, we have a lot of fun. I would of included you but you didn't want to know what I was up to, and I figured I would do what you asked."


"Do NOT turn this on me, you freak!" Hazel shoved Jeff back. "You're the sick fuck who got his own daughter pregnant! I'm so disgusted with you right now. I'm done. I want out. I want a divorce."


Jeff grabbed Hazel's arms and held them tightly. "Haze, you don't mean that. It's all good fun and she's leaving soon. Felix too. When they move out it stops. I know you've wanted another baby for awhile, we'll take and raise Farrah's as our own. This is a blessing, Hazel, and I can't do this without you." 


"You're disgusting." Hazel spat in his face. 


Jeff had tried to keep his cool, but he couldn't anymore.  He decked Hazel directly in the gut and knocked the wind out of her. He stripped her of all her clothes, picked her up and filled her to the brim with his cock, being sure to use no lube and all the force he could muster. Hazel melted, her extra tight and sensitive holes being filled in such a violent way made her brain shut off and focus on nothing but the extreme pain. Jeff dumped a load deep in Hazels cunt and then forced her to her knees to suck his cock until her face was covered in saliva, snot, and cum.


Jeff grabbed Hazel by the throat until her face turned purple and smacked her hard. 


"You don't get to ask questions, and if you look back to the contract you so easily signed, if you ever file for divorce, you get nothing, and you go back to being a debt slave. Remember your place, and how good I actually am for you. Now go to bed, and we won't talk about this again."


03-30-20_3-27-10 AM.png

03-30-20_3-28-11 AM.png

03-30-20_4-00-47 AM.png

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