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NNISM's Male Sims (05/19/2020)

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Hi guys, it's NNISM here.


Here are my newest Sims, hope you guys like them.





My NNISM animations mini album has been published, check it out Here










By the way, Early Access for Patreon Exclusive Animations is now available on my Patreon

My first exclusive exclusive album will be about Wizard Theme.








My PatreonHERE

My PayPal for tips HERE


Thank you guys for coming by.



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2 hours ago, trickster37 said:

For some reason, your patreon link isnt working on a few of your posts. The one here works, the one on your animations doesnt.



Hi there, thanks you, I'll work on that. And currently, Patreon is under maintenance.

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11 hours ago, wickedwiccan90 said:

Let me make sure I'm talking about the right Sim; I might have said the wrong one. English is the African-American sim, yes? I just checked for that hair and it's not in my base game.

Sorry, my bad. It's actually in Discover University pack. 

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