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CTD when loading a saved game

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Hello first of all, English is not my first language, so I may not be understood, I am using google translator.

I have a problem loading a saved game, this is the crash log


I am using the Net Script Framework, so I don't really understand error logging, I hope someone will help me



I've found that it only happens when I load a new game, it doesn't matter if I start a new game or load a previous game. CTD happens again when loading, I can play without CTD as long as I don't load a game


I also found a relationship of the CTD with skee64.dll from racemenu mod, at deleting this file my save games will load and play, without any CTD





Unhandled native exception occurred at 0x7FF9B3E351B5 (skee64.dll+151B5) on thread 10084!

FrameworkName: NetScriptFramework
FrameworkVersion: 8
FrameworkArchitecture: x64
GameLibrary: SkyrimSE
GameLibraryVersion: 12
ApplicationName: SkyrimSE.exe
VersionInfo: Successfully loaded
Time: 23 Mar 2020 18:13:54.542

Probable callstack
  [0]   0x7FF9B3E351B5     (skee64.dll+151B5)             
  [1]   0x7FFA21BFC4BF     (ntdll.dll+3C4BF)              
  [2]   0x7FF9B3EB82F9     (skee64.dll+982F9)             
  [3]   0x7FF9B3E24A72     (skee64.dll+4A72)              
  [4]   0x7FF9B3EF294C     (skee64.dll+D294C)             
  [5]   0x7FF6C77D83DC     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583DC)          NiNode::GetObjectByName_C58390+4C
  [6]   0x7FF9B3EB651B     (skee64.dll+9651B)             
  [7]   0x7FF6C77D83A5     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583A5)          NiNode::GetObjectByName_C58390+15
  [8]   0x7FF9B3EB048D     (skee64.dll+9048D)             
  [9]   0x7FF6C77D83DC     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583DC)          NiNode::GetObjectByName_C58390+4C
  [10]  0x7FF9B3EAEE7B     (skee64.dll+8EE7B)             
  [11]  0x7FF9B3E9B551     (skee64.dll+7B551)             
  [12]  0x7FF6C77D83DC     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583DC)          NiNode::GetObjectByName_C58390+4C
  [13]  0x7FFA21C0083D     (ntdll.dll+4083D)              
  [14]  0x7FF6C77D83DC     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583DC)          NiNode::GetObjectByName_C58390+4C
  [15]  0x7FF9B3E9B502     (skee64.dll+7B502)             
  [16]  0x7FF6C6CB2BEA     (SkyrimSE.exe+132BEA)          Mutex::Lock1_132BD0+1A
  [17]  0x7FF9B3EB6471     (skee64.dll+96471)             
  [18]  0x7FF6C77A8C64     (SkyrimSE.exe+C28C64)          BSFixedString::Initialize_C28BF0+74
  [19]  0x7FF9B3EF36AC     (skee64.dll+D36AC)             
  [20]  0x7FF9C87F8560     (EngineFixes.dll+18560)        
  [21]  0x7FF9B3EAED14     (skee64.dll+8ED14)             
  [22]  0x7FF9CC261359     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+91359)      
  [23]  0x7FF9B3E6FF51     (skee64.dll+4FF51)             
  [24]  0x7FF9CC261ACB     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+91ACB)      
  [25]  0x7FF9CC1E01C4     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+101C4)      
  [26]  0x7FF6C74AF21B     (SkyrimSE.exe+92F21B)          unk_92F030+1EB
  [27]  0x7FF6C7ECAF17     (SkyrimSE.exe+134AF17)         fForeachMemSetFunctor_134AED4+43
  [28]  0x7FF9EFC42816     (EngineFixesMemoryPatch.dll+2816)
  [29]  0x7FF6C6D4D32E     (SkyrimSE.exe+1CD32E)          unk_1CD290+9E
  [30]  0x7FF6C6D2E45A     (SkyrimSE.exe+1AE45A)          unk_1AE430+2A
  [31]  0x7FF6C6F2E0D1     (SkyrimSE.exe+3AE0D1)          Moon::unk_3ADF90+141
  [32]  0x7FF9E15930F4     (tbbmalloc.dll+130F4)          
  [33]  0x7FF6C7261F00     (SkyrimSE.exe+6E1F00)          unk_6E1E80+80
  [34]  0x7FF6C6F2EFD4     (SkyrimSE.exe+3AEFD4)          Precipitation::unk_3AEBD0+404
  [35]  0x7FF6C6CB2BEA     (SkyrimSE.exe+132BEA)          Mutex::Lock1_132BD0+1A
  [36]  0x7FF6C725FAD5     (SkyrimSE.exe+6DFAD5)          unk_6DF560+575
  [37]  0x7FF9E1597517     (tbbmalloc.dll+17517)          
  [38]  0x7FF6C7EC221E     (SkyrimSE.exe+134221E)         unk_13421C0+5E
  [39]  0x7FF6C74AB822     (SkyrimSE.exe+92B822)          unk_92B800+22
  [40]  0x7FF6C7100FCE     (SkyrimSE.exe+580FCE)          unk_580EE0+EE
  [41]  0x7FF6C70FDADE     (SkyrimSE.exe+57DADE)          unk_57D1A0+93E
  [42]  0x7FF9CC277428     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+A7428)      
  [43]  0x7FF9CC276F1B     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+A6F1B)      
  [44]  0x7FF9CC27785D     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+A785D)      
  [45]  0x7FF9CC26D468     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+9D468)      
  [46]  0x7FF9CC2770CC     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+A70CC)      
  [47]  0x7FF9CC26D4B5     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+9D4B5)      
  [48]  0x7FF9CC263B9A     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+93B9A)      
  [49]  0x7FF9CC25ADC2     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+8ADC2)      

  AX:       0x946707FFD0B2     (u64):[163170236747954]
  BX:       0xFFB7AFE2E8       (void*)
  CX:       0xFFB7AFE2E8       (void*)
  DX:       0x0                (NULL)
  SI:       0x0                (NULL)
  DI:       0x0                (NULL)
  BP:       0xFFB7AFE2F9       (void*)
  SP:       0xFFB7AFE200       (void*)
  IP:       0x7FF9B3E351B5     (skee64.dll+151B5) (void*)
  R8:       0x0                (NULL)
  R9:       0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF (i64):[-1]
  R10:      0x2361BC2F2BA      (void*)
  R11:      0x2361BC2F2BA      (void*)
  R12:      0x2361BCA5300      (BSLightingShaderProperty*)
  R13:      0x2361BCA5480      (BSTriShape*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  R14:      0x236238D3100      (BSLightingShaderMaterialFacegenTint*)
  R15:      0x0                (NULL)
  Flags:    0x10206           
  XMM0:     5.42631517346023E-312
  XMM1:     0
  XMM2:     7.45058059692383E-09
  XMM3:     0.25
  XMM4:     0
  XMM5:     3.48103377772775E-09
  XMM6:     0
  XMM7:     0
  XMM8:     0
  XMM9:     0
  XMM10:    0
  XMM11:    0
  XMM12:    0
  XMM13:    0
  XMM14:    0
  XMM15:    0

  [SP+0]    0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+8]    0xFFB7AFE628       (char**) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+10]   0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+18]   0x7FFA21BFC4BF     (ntdll.dll+3C4BF) (void*)
  [SP+20]   0x236238D3100      (BSLightingShaderMaterialFacegenTint*)
  [SP+28]   0x7FF9B3EB82F9     (skee64.dll+982F9) (char*) "H?G H?|$pH?C H?L$HH3???e"
  [SP+30]   0xFFB7AFE2E8       (void*)
  [SP+38]   0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+40]   0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+48]   0xA                (u8):[10]
  [SP+50]   0x2361BC779C0      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+58]   0x7FF9B3E24A72     (skee64.dll+4A72) (void*)
  [SP+60]   0x2                (u8):[2]
  [SP+68]   0xFFB7AFE628       (char**) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+70]   0x234CE2302B4      (void*)
  [SP+78]   0x946707FFD0B2     (u64):[163170236747954]
  [SP+80]   0x7FF6C9D51F00     (SkyrimSE.exe+31D1F00) (char**) "BSEffectShaderProperty"
  [SP+88]   0x7FF9B3EF294C     (skee64.dll+D294C) (void*)
  [SP+90]   0x7FF6C9D51F00     (SkyrimSE.exe+31D1F00) (char**) "BSEffectShaderProperty"
  [SP+98]   0x7FF6C9D51F00     (SkyrimSE.exe+31D1F00) (char**) "BSEffectShaderProperty"
  [SP+A0]   0x235D5D2B0E0      (char*) "\t"
  [SP+A8]   0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+B0]   0x2361BC6D080      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+B8]   0x2361BCA5480      (BSTriShape*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+C0]   0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+C8]   0x2361BCA5300      (BSLightingShaderProperty*)
  [SP+D0]   0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+D8]   0x90               (u8):[144]
  [SP+E0]   0x2361BC76AC0      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+E8]   0x7FF6C77D8300     (SkyrimSE.exe+C58300) (void*)
  [SP+F0]   0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+F8]   0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+100]  0xF                (u8):[15]
  [SP+108]  0xCBF29CE484222325 (i64):[-3750763034362895579]
  [SP+110]  0x946707FFD012     (u64):[163170236747794]
  [SP+118]  0x7FF6C77D83DC     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583DC) (void*)
  [SP+120]  0x2355A8A3880      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+128]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+130]  0xFFB7AFE878       (void*)
  [SP+138]  0xFFB7AFE658       (BSFadeNode**) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+140]  0xFFB7AFE400       (void*)
  [SP+148]  0x2366ACCCE48      (void*)
  [SP+150]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+158]  0x7FF9B3EB651B     (skee64.dll+9651B) (void*)
  [SP+160]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+168]  0x234CE247DC0      (void*)
  [SP+170]  0x235D5D2B0C0      (void*)
  [SP+178]  0x7FF6C77D83A5     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583A5) (void*)
  [SP+180]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+188]  0x7FF9B3EB048D     (skee64.dll+9048D) (void*)
  [SP+190]  0x50               (u8):[80]
  [SP+198]  0x234CE230EA0      (void*)
  [SP+1A0]  0x2361BC76840      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+1A8]  0x7FF6C77D83DC     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583DC) (void*)
  [SP+1B0]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+1B8]  0xFFB7AFE628       (char**) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+1C0]  0xFFB7AFE510       (void*)
  [SP+1C8]  0x7FF9B3EAEE7B     (skee64.dll+8EE7B) (void*)
  [SP+1D0]  0x235D5D2B0E0      (char*) "\t"
  [SP+1D8]  0xFFB7AFE400       (void*)
  [SP+1E0]  0x2361BCA5300      (BSLightingShaderProperty*)
  [SP+1E8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+1F0]  0xFFB7AFE458       (BSTriShape**) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+1F8]  0xFFB7AFE930       (void*)
  [SP+200]  0x7FF9B3F966F8     (skee64.dll+1766F8) (void*)
  [SP+208]  0xFFB7AFE458       (BSTriShape**) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+210]  0xFFB7AFE930       (void*)
  [SP+218]  0xFFB7AFE628       (char**) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+220]  0x235D5D2B0C0      (void*)
  [SP+228]  0x234CE247DC0      (void*)
  [SP+230]  0x2361BC36E80      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+238]  0xFFB7AFE400       (void*)
  [SP+240]  0x2361BCA5480      (BSTriShape*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+248]  0x7FF9B3E9B551     (skee64.dll+7B551) (void*)
  [SP+250]  0xFFB7AFE508       (void*)
  [SP+258]  0x2361BCA5480      (BSTriShape*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+260]  0x2355A8A34C0      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+268]  0x7FF6C77D83DC     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583DC) (void*)
  [SP+270]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+278]  0xFFB7AFE628       (char**) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+280]  0x2                (u8):[2]
  [SP+288]  0x7FFA21C0083D     (ntdll.dll+4083D) (void*)
  [SP+290]  0x2355A8A3600      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+298]  0x7FF6C77D83DC     (SkyrimSE.exe+C583DC) (void*)
  [SP+2A0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+2A8]  0xFFB7AFE628       (char**) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+2B0]  0x2353F4F4100      (PlayerCharacter*) -> (Name: ``, FormId: 00000014, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Valkiria`, FormId: 00000007))
  [SP+2B8]  0xFFB7AFE670       (char*) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+2C0]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+2C8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+2D0]  0x2361BCA5480      (BSTriShape*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+2D8]  0x7FF9B3E9B502     (skee64.dll+7B502) (void*)
  [SP+2E0]  0x2361BCA5480      (BSTriShape*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+2E8]  0xFFB7AFE508       (void*)
  [SP+2F0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+2F8]  0xFFB7AFE5A0       (void*)
  [SP+300]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+308]  0x7FF9B3F967C0     (skee64.dll+1767C0) (void*)
  [SP+310]  0xFFB7AFE810       (void*)
  [SP+318]  0xFFB7AFE930       (void*)
  [SP+320]  0x2355A8A0180      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+328]  0x7FF6C6CB2BEA     (SkyrimSE.exe+132BEA) (void*)
  [SP+330]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+338]  0xFFB7AFE628       (char**) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+340]  0xFFB7AFE508       (void*)
  [SP+348]  0xFFB7AFE598       (void*)
  [SP+350]  0x8                (u8):[8]
  [SP+358]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+360]  0x2361BC87E80      (BSFadeNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+368]  0x7FF9B3EB6471     (skee64.dll+96471) (void*)
  [SP+370]  0xFFB7AFE508       (void*)
  [SP+378]  0xFFB7AFE5A0       (void*)
  [SP+380]  0x236239B8CC0      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `P?<??`)
  [SP+388]  0x236239B8CC0      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `P?<??`)
  [SP+390]  0xFFB7AFE810       (void*)
  [SP+398]  0xFFB7AFE930       (void*)
  [SP+3A0]  0x7FF9B3F967C0     (skee64.dll+1767C0) (void*)
  [SP+3A8]  0xFFB7AFE810       (void*)
  [SP+3B0]  0xFFB7AFE930       (void*)
  [SP+3B8]  0x7FF6C77A8C64     (SkyrimSE.exe+C28C64) (void*)
  [SP+3C0]  0x7FF6C9B77560     (SkyrimSE.exe+2FF7560) (void*)
  [SP+3C8]  0xFFB7AFE638       (char**) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+3D0]  0x2361BC87E80      (BSFadeNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+3D8]  0xFFB7AFE5A0       (void*)
  [SP+3E0]  0x236239B8CC0      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `P?<??`)
  [SP+3E8]  0x7FF9B3EF36AC     (skee64.dll+D36AC) (void*)
  [SP+3F0]  0x2361BC2F280      (void*)
  [SP+3F8]  0x8                (u8):[8]
  [SP+400]  0x2353F4F4100      (PlayerCharacter*) -> (Name: ``, FormId: 00000014, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Valkiria`, FormId: 00000007))
  [SP+408]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+410]  0xBF800000         (u32):[3212836864] (f32):[-1]
  [SP+418]  0x7FF9C87F8560     (EngineFixes.dll+18560) (void*)
  [SP+420]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+428]  0x2361BC2F298      (char*) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+430]  0x2353EB1E9F8      (char*) "NPC Root [Root]"
  [SP+438]  0x2361BC2F298      (char*) " (0010594E)[1]/ (0010594F) [100%]"
  [SP+440]  0x236239B8CC0      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `P?<??`)
  [SP+448]  0x2355A8A3880      (NiNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+450]  0x2361BC87D00      (BSFadeNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+458]  0x2361BC87E80      (BSFadeNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+460]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+468]  0xFFB7AFE878       (void*)
  [SP+470]  0x3935303130302820 (u64):[4122254021747550240]
  [SP+478]  0x202F5D315B294534 (u64):[2319174799683306804]
  [SP+480]  0x3439353031303028 (u64):[3763097444744704040]
  [SP+488]  0x253030315B202946 (u64):[2679694766825810246]
  [SP+490]  0x5D               (u8):[93]
  [SP+498]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4A0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4A8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4B0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4B8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4C0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4C8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4D0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4D8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4E0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4E8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4F0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+4F8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+500]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+508]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+510]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+518]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+520]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+528]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+530]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+538]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+540]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+548]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+550]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+558]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+560]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+568]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+570]  0xFF00000000       (u64):[1095216660480]
  [SP+578]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+580]  0x946707FFD772     (u64):[163170236749682]
  [SP+588]  0x7FF6C6B80000     (SkyrimSE.exe+0) (char*) "MZ?"
  [SP+590]  0x14               (u8):[20]
  [SP+598]  0x7FF9B3F967F8     (skee64.dll+1767F8) (void*)
  [SP+5A0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+5A8]  0x2353F4F4100      (PlayerCharacter*) -> (Name: ``, FormId: 00000014, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Valkiria`, FormId: 00000007))
  [SP+5B0]  0x2353F4F4100      (PlayerCharacter*) -> (Name: ``, FormId: 00000014, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Valkiria`, FormId: 00000007))
  [SP+5B8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+5C0]  0x2354255D300      (TESObjectARMO*) -> (Name: `Armadura de piel`, FormId: 0010594F)
  [SP+5C8]  0xFFB7AFE8B9       (void*)
  [SP+5D0]  0x2361BC87D00      (BSFadeNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+5D8]  0x7FF9B3EAED14     (skee64.dll+8ED14) (void*)
  [SP+5E0]  0x2361BC87D00      (BSFadeNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+5E8]  0x2361BC87D00      (BSFadeNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+5F0]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+5F8]  0x7FF9B4007030     (skee64.dll+1E7030) (void*)
  [SP+600]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+608]  0x8                (u8):[8]
  [SP+610]  0x2366ACCCE30      (void*)
  [SP+618]  0x23600000001      (void*)
  [SP+620]  0x7FF9B4007118     (skee64.dll+1E7118) (char*) "d'"
  [SP+628]  0x2361BC87D00      (BSFadeNode*) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+630]  0x236714BC8A0      (void*)
  [SP+638]  0x236714BC8B8      (void*)
  [SP+640]  0xFFB7AFE938       (void*)
  [SP+648]  0xFFB7AFE810       (void*)
  [SP+650]  0xFFB7AFE930       (void*)
  [SP+658]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+660]  0x234F0C90950      (void*)
  [SP+668]  0x2366ACCC5B0      (void*)
  [SP+670]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+678]  0x7FF9B3F967F8     (skee64.dll+1767F8) (void*)
  [SP+680]  0xFFB7AFE938       (void*)
  [SP+688]  0xFFB7AFE810       (void*)
  [SP+690]  0xFFB7AFE930       (void*)
  [SP+698]  0x2366ACCCC30      (void*)
  [SP+6A0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+6A8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+6B0]  0xFFB7AFE878       (void*)
  [SP+6B8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+6C0]  0xFFB7AFE938       (void*)
  [SP+6C8]  0xFFB7AFE810       (void*)
  [SP+6D0]  0xFFB7AFE930       (void*)
  [SP+6D8]  0x7FF9CC261359     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+91359) (void*)
  [SP+6E0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+6E8]  0x7FF9CC2E2A80     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+112A80) (void*)
  [SP+6F0]  0x7FF9B3F96060     (skee64.dll+176060) (void*)
  [SP+6F8]  0x7FF9B4005000     (skee64.dll+1E5000) (void*)
  [SP+700]  0xFFFF00036C00     (u64):[281470681967616]
  [SP+708]  0x23671363260      (void*)
  [SP+710]  0xFFB7AFE9A9       (void*)
  [SP+718]  0x7FF9B3E6FF51     (skee64.dll+4FF51) (void*)
  [SP+720]  0x384F92456C63E2   (u64):[15850088344347618] (f32):[3782.243]
  [SP+728]  0xFFFF00000014     (u64):[281470681743380]
  [SP+730]  0x384F92456C6300   (u64):[15850088344347392] (f32):[3782.188]
  [SP+738]  0x23600000000      (void*)
  [SP+740]  0xFFB7AFE980       (void*)
  [SP+748]  0x7FF9C84CFFDE     (SexLabUtil.dll+BFFDE) (void*)
  [SP+750]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+758]  0x6C616E7265746E00 (u64):[7809644666444606976]
  [SP+760]  0x7FF9C84AD800     (SexLabUtil.dll+9D800) (char*) "this is fatal. skipping remainder of init process."
  [SP+768]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+770]  0xF                (u8):[15]
  [SP+778]  0xE08A40F0F6141500 (i64):[-2266928058762783488]
  [SP+780]  0xFF3F800000       (u64):[1096282013696] (f32):[1]
  [SP+788]  0x2366ABE97E0      (void*)
  [SP+790]  0xA0               (u8):[160]
  [SP+798]  0x236714C6080      (void*)
  [SP+7A0]  0x236714C8080      (void*)
  [SP+7A8]  0x236714C8080      (void*)
  [SP+7B0]  0x1FF              (u16):[511]
  [SP+7B8]  0x200              (u16):[512]
  [SP+7C0]  0x7FF90000000C     (u64):[140707423584268]
  [SP+7C8]  0x7FF6C9AA7E80     (SkyrimSE.exe+2F27E80) (SkyrimVM*)
  [SP+7D0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+7D8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+7E0]  0x3760             (u16):[14176]
  [SP+7E8]  0x1EBAFE           (u32):[2013950]
  [SP+7F0]  0x6666666666666667 (u64):[7378697629483820647]
  [SP+7F8]  0x1EBAF2           (u32):[2013938]
  [SP+800]  0xFFB7AFEBC0       (NiTObjectArray<NiPointer<NiAVObject>>**)
  [SP+808]  0x7FF9CC261ACB     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+91ACB) (void*)
  [SP+810]  0x23400000002      (u64):[2422361554946]
  [SP+818]  0x534B4E52         (u32):[1397444178]
  [SP+820]  0x6666666600000010 (u64):[7378697627765833744]
  [SP+828]  0xFFFF00000014     (u64):[281470681743380]
  [SP+830]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+838]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+840]  0xFFFF0000000C     (u64):[281470681743372]
  [SP+848]  0x1EBAFE           (u32):[2013950]
  [SP+850]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+858]  0x145534B53        (u64):[5458053971] (f32):[3380.708]
  [SP+860]  0x105061002000110  (u64):[73471634744279312]
  [SP+868]  0xFF00000006       (u64):[1095216660486]
  [SP+870]  0xCA888DEF9673     (u64):[222687845652083]
  [SP+878]  0xFFB7AFEBC0       (NiTObjectArray<NiPointer<NiAVObject>>**)
  [SP+880]  0x366501           (u32):[3564801]
  [SP+888]  0x7FF9CC1E01C4     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+101C4) (void*)
  [SP+890]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+898]  0x5                (u8):[5]
  [SP+8A0]  0xFFB7AFEE00       (LoadStorageWrapper*)
  [SP+8A8]  0xA                (u8):[10]
  [SP+8B0]  0x5B               (u8):[91]
  [SP+8B8]  0x7FF6C74AF21B     (SkyrimSE.exe+92F21B) (void*)
  [SP+8C0]  0x7FF6C9AA7E80     (SkyrimSE.exe+2F27E80) (SkyrimVM*)
  [SP+8C8]  0xFFB7AFEAF8       (SkyrimScript::SaveFileHandleReaderWriter*)
  [SP+8D0]  0x5B               (u8):[91]
  [SP+8D8]  0x7FF6C9AB0760     (SkyrimSE.exe+2F30760) (void*)
  [SP+8E0]  0xFFB7AFE501       (void*)
  [SP+8E8]  0x10               (u8):[16]
  [SP+8F0]  0x5                (u8):[5]
  [SP+8F8]  0x7FF6C824D7D0     (SkyrimSE.exe+16CD7D0) (void*)
  [SP+900]  0x5B00000005       (u64):[390842023941]
  [SP+908]  0x234CE2F37D8      (void*)
  [SP+910]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+918]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+920]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+928]  0x7FF6C7ECAF17     (SkyrimSE.exe+134AF17) (void*)
  [SP+930]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+938]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+940]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+948]  0x7FF9EFC42816     (EngineFixesMemoryPatch.dll+2816) (void*)
  [SP+950]  0x23669D20101      (void*)
  [SP+958]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+960]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+968]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+970]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+978]  0x7FF6C6D4D32E     (SkyrimSE.exe+1CD32E) (void*)
  [SP+980]  0x236239AB600      (void*)
  [SP+988]  0x8                (u8):[8]
  [SP+990]  0x236239AB5F8      (NiNode**) -> (Name: `PM.??`)
  [SP+998]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+9A0]  0x7FF6C6C82440     (SkyrimSE.exe+102440) (void*)
  [SP+9A8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+9B0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+9B8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+9C0]  0x235F4BD8A10      (NiTObjectArray<NiPointer<NiAVObject>>*)
  [SP+9C8]  0x7FF6C6D2E45A     (SkyrimSE.exe+1AE45A) (void*)
  [SP+9D0]  0x235F4BD8A10      (NiTObjectArray<NiPointer<NiAVObject>>*)
  [SP+9D8]  0x7FF6C6F2E0D1     (SkyrimSE.exe+3AE0D1) (void*)
  [SP+9E0]  0x236239AB5F0      (void*)
  [SP+9E8]  0x234CE2F3070      (void*)
  [SP+9F0]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+9F8]  0x80000000         (u32):[2147483648]
  [SP+A00]  0x3F800000         (u32):[1065353216] (f32):[1]
  [SP+A08]  0x7FF9E15930F4     (tbbmalloc.dll+130F4) (void*)
  [SP+A10]  0xFF3F800000       (u64):[1096282013696] (f32):[1]
  [SP+A18]  0x3F800000         (u32):[1065353216] (f32):[1]
  [SP+A20]  0x8000000000000000 (i64):[-9223372036854775808]
  [SP+A28]  0x3F800000         (u32):[1065353216] (f32):[1]
  [SP+A30]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+A38]  0x3F800000         (u32):[1065353216] (f32):[1]
  [SP+A40]  0xFFB7AFECC8       (void*)
  [SP+A48]  0x7FF6C7261F00     (SkyrimSE.exe+6E1F00) (char*) "H??$?"
  [SP+A50]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+A58]  0x3F800000         (u32):[1065353216] (f32):[1]
  [SP+A60]  0x5B               (u8):[91]
  [SP+A68]  0x7FF6C6F2EFD4     (SkyrimSE.exe+3AEFD4) (void*)
  [SP+A70]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+A78]  0x8                (u8):[8]
  [SP+A80]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+A88]  0x7FF9E15B2E00     (tbbmalloc.dll+32E00) (void*)
  [SP+A90]  0x2353F3E7898      (void*)
  [SP+A98]  0x3760             (u16):[14176]
  [SP+AA0]  0x234CE2F37D8      (void*)
  [SP+AA8]  0x7FF6C6CB2BEA     (SkyrimSE.exe+132BEA) (void*)
  [SP+AB0]  0x7FF6C9AB7EA0     (SkyrimSE.exe+2F37EA0) (void*)
  [SP+AB8]  0xFFB7AFEDD8       (BGSLoadGameBuffer*)
  [SP+AC0]  0x5                (u8):[5]
  [SP+AC8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+AD0]  0xFFB7AFED40       (void*)
  [SP+AD8]  0x7FF6C725FAD5     (SkyrimSE.exe+6DFAD5) (void*)
  [SP+AE0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+AE8]  0x7FF9E1597517     (tbbmalloc.dll+17517) (void*)
  [SP+AF0]  0x7FF6C9AB7FE0     (SkyrimSE.exe+2F37FE0) (void*)
  [SP+AF8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+B00]  0xFFB7AFEDE0       (void*)
  [SP+B08]  0x7FF6C7EC221E     (SkyrimSE.exe+134221E) (void*)
  [SP+B10]  0x235FFAA4100      (anonymous_namespace::Win32FileType*)
  [SP+B18]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+B20]  0x235FFAA4100      (anonymous_namespace::Win32FileType*)
  [SP+B28]  0x366589           (u32):[3564937]
  [SP+B30]  0x2353F3E7898      (void*)
  [SP+B38]  0x3760             (u16):[14176]
  [SP+B40]  0x4                (u8):[4]
  [SP+B48]  0x3E9              (u16):[1001]
  [SP+B50]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+B58]  0x7FF6C74AB822     (SkyrimSE.exe+92B822) (void*)
  [SP+B60]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+B68]  0x7FF6C9AA7E80     (SkyrimSE.exe+2F27E80) (SkyrimVM*)
  [SP+B70]  0xFFB7AFEDB0       (void*)
  [SP+B78]  0x7FF6C7101201     (SkyrimSE.exe+581201) (void*)
  [SP+B80]  0xFFFFFFFF000002C3 (i64):[-4294966589]
  [SP+B88]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+B90]  0xFFFFFFFF00000001 (i64):[-4294967295]
  [SP+B98]  0x5                (u8):[5]
  [SP+BA0]  0x235FFAA4100      (anonymous_namespace::Win32FileType*)
  [SP+BA8]  0x7FF6C7100FCE     (SkyrimSE.exe+580FCE) (char*) "?H?L$P?Wjk"
  [SP+BB0]  0x23500000000      (u64):[2426656522240]
  [SP+BB8]  0x235FFAA4100      (anonymous_namespace::Win32FileType*)
  [SP+BC0]  0x23500000001      (u64):[2426656522241]
  [SP+BC8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+BD0]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+BD8]  0x7FF6C81C5500     (SkyrimSE.exe+1645500) (void*)
  [SP+BE0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+BE8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+BF0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+BF8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+C00]  0x7FF6C81C5A38     (SkyrimSE.exe+1645A38) (void*)
  [SP+C08]  0x7F0000000000     (u64):[139637976727552]
  [SP+C10]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+C18]  0x7FF6C81C5500     (SkyrimSE.exe+1645500) (void*)
  [SP+C20]  0x235FFAA4100      (anonymous_namespace::Win32FileType*)
  [SP+C28]  0x366589           (u32):[3564937]
  [SP+C30]  0x2353F3E7580      (void*)
  [SP+C38]  0x5B               (u8):[91]
  [SP+C40]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+C48]  0x7FF6C70FDADE     (SkyrimSE.exe+57DADE) (void*)
  [SP+C50]  0x2361696A530      (void*)
  [SP+C58]  0x3E9              (u16):[1001]
  [SP+C60]  0x7FF600A46687     (u64):[140694549456519]
  [SP+C68]  0xFFB7AFEF50       (void*)
  [SP+C70]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+C78]  0x40ED             (u16):[16621]
  [SP+C80]  0x5B00003760       (u64):[390842038112]
  [SP+C88]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+C90]  0x235FB816240      (void*)
  [SP+C98]  0x7FF680000000     (u64):[140696686166016]
  [SP+CA0]  0x2361BCFB580      (void*)
  [SP+CA8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+CB0]  0x7FF6C80B89B0     (SkyrimSE.exe+15389B0) (void*)
  [SP+CB8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+CC0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+CC8]  0x7FF900000000     (u64):[140707423584256]
  [SP+CD0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+CD8]  0x18DC26B16A1      (u64):[1708363814561] (f32):[-58.7721]
  [SP+CE0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+CE8]  0x235EB542600      (GrenadeProjectile*) -> (Name: ``, FormId: C26B16A1, BaseForm: BGSProjectile(Name: ``, FormId: 000665BA))
  [SP+CF0]  0x10000000         (u32):[268435456]
  [SP+CF8]  0x4E430000         (u32):[1313013760]
  [SP+D00]  0xFF0000005B       (u64):[1095216660571]
  [SP+D08]  0x234CE2F37D8      (void*)
  [SP+D10]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+D18]  0x7FFA00000000     (void*)
  [SP+D20]  0x353100FF00000000 (u64):[3832845853085663232]
  [SP+D28]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+D30]  0x23500000000      (u64):[2426656522240]
  [SP+D38]  0xF00000000        (u64):[64424509440]
  [SP+D40]  0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (i64):[-2]
  [SP+D48]  0x2361696A530      (void*)
  [SP+D50]  0xDD509000DACC40   (u64):[62294549272906816]
  [SP+D58]  0x42F360003D568    (u64):[1177808881833320]
  [SP+D60]  0x36657100044968   (u64):[15311184748366184]
  [SP+D68]  0xE00000009        (u64):[60129542153]
  [SP+D70]  0x376000000005     (u64):[60885456388101]
  [SP+D78]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+D80]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+D88]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+D90]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+D98]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+DA0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+DA8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+DB0]  0xCA8800000000     (u64):[222685464363008]
  [SP+DB8]  0x7FF9CC277428     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+A7428) (void*)
  [SP+DC0]  0xC0               (u8):[192]
  [SP+DC8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+DD0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+DD8]  0x7FF6C89355CC     (SkyrimSE.exe+1DB55CC) (void*)
  [SP+DE0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+DE8]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+DF0]  0xCA888DEFA7D3     (u64):[222687845656531]
  [SP+DF8]  0xCC277428         (u32):[3425137704]
  [SP+E00]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+E08]  0x7FF6C89355CC     (SkyrimSE.exe+1DB55CC) (void*)
  [SP+E10]  0x234F15540B0      (char*) "\noading SKSEDelayFunctorManager data...a......pcolor.esph.esp3.espEdition\Saves\\Quicksave0_4EBD4B8E_0_56616C6B69726961_RedoransRetreat01_000007_20200323161153_1_1.skse"
  [SP+E18]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+E20]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+E28]  0x7FF9CC276F1B     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+A6F1B) (void*)
  [SP+E30]  0x7661736B63697551 (u64):[8530226074282980689]
  [SP+E38]  0x34444245345F3065 (u64):[3766208053387407461]
  [SP+E40]  0x36355F305F453842 (u64):[3906132913175214146]
  [SP+E48]  0x3936423643363136 (u64):[4122555309727559990] (f32):[182.1922]
  [SP+E50]  0x525F313639363237 (u64):[5935516942855451191] (f32):[0.0001737558]
  [SP+E58]  0x52736E61726F6465 (u64):[5941213698242602085]
  [SP+E60]  0x3130746165727465 (u64):[3544460868403229797]
  [SP+E68]  0x5F3730303030305F (u64):[6861005540847267935]
  [SP+E70]  0x3332333030323032 (u64):[3689067326829899826]
  [SP+E78]  0x315F333531313631 (u64):[3557618534197573169]
  [SP+E80]  0x7373652E315F     (u64):[126939455959391]
  [SP+E88]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+E90]  0x7FF9CC2EE1C0     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+11E1C0) (void*)
  [SP+E98]  0x234F15540B0      (char*) "\noading SKSEDelayFunctorManager data...a......pcolor.esph.esp3.espEdition\Saves\\Quicksave0_4EBD4B8E_0_56616C6B69726961_RedoransRetreat01_000007_20200323161153_1_1.skse"
  [SP+EA0]  0xFFFFFFFF         (u32):[4294967295]
  [SP+EA8]  0xC0               (u8):[192]
  [SP+EB0]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+EB8]  0x7FF9CC27785D     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+A785D) (void*)
  [SP+EC0]  0x235FFAA4BB0      (char*) "Quicksave0_4EBD4B8E_0_56616C6B69726961_RedoransRetreat01_000007_20200323161153_1_1.ess"
  [SP+EC8]  0x56               (u8):[86]
  [SP+ED0]  0x3                (u8):[3]
  [SP+ED8]  0xC0               (u8):[192]
  [SP+EE0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+EE8]  0x7FF9CC2A8A24     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+D8A24) (char*) "SKSE"
  [SP+EF0]  0x235FFAA4BB0      (char*) "Quicksave0_4EBD4B8E_0_56616C6B69726961_RedoransRetreat01_000007_20200323161153_1_1.ess"
  [SP+EF8]  0x56               (u8):[86]
  [SP+F00]  0x1                (u8):[1]
  [SP+F08]  0x7FF9CC26D468     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+9D468) (void*)
  [SP+F10]  0xFF00000003       (u64):[1095216660483]
  [SP+F18]  0x234F0CF7F00      (char**) "\noading SKSEDelayFunctorManager data...a......pcolor.esph.esp3.espEdition\Saves\\Quicksave0_4EBD4B8E_0_56616C6B69726961_RedoransRetreat01_000007_20200323161153_1_1.skse"
  [SP+F20]  0x234F15540B0      (char*) "\noading SKSEDelayFunctorManager data...a......pcolor.esph.esp3.espEdition\Saves\\Quicksave0_4EBD4B8E_0_56616C6B69726961_RedoransRetreat01_000007_20200323161153_1_1.skse"
  [SP+F28]  0x7FF9CC2770CC     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+A70CC) (void*)
  [SP+F30]  0xFFB7AFF228       (void*)
  [SP+F38]  0x7FF9CC26D4B5     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+9D4B5) (void*)
  [SP+F40]  0x2D20635079756843 (u64):[3251708128247769155]
  [SP+F48]  0x30322F33322F3320 (u64):[3472890159587865376]
  [SP+F50]  0x33313A3831203032 (u64):[3688793582809919538]
  [SP+F58]  0x455845202C39303A (u64):[4996819791050780730]
  [SP+F60]  0x6E6F697372655620 (u64):[7957695011148355104]
  [SP+F68]  0x37392E352E31203A (u64):[3979262551701659706]
  [SP+F70]  0x65766153202C302E (u64):[7311138054732525614]
  [SP+F78]  0x6E6F697372655620 (u64):[7957695011148355104]
  [SP+F80]  0x38372E323120     (u64):[61809649398048]
  [SP+F88]  0x2                (u8):[2]
  [SP+F90]  0xFFB7AFF228       (void*)
  [SP+F98]  0x7FF9CC263B9A     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+93B9A) (void*)
  [SP+FA0]  0x234F0CF7F00      (char**) "\noading SKSEDelayFunctorManager data...a......pcolor.esph.esp3.espEdition\Saves\\Quicksave0_4EBD4B8E_0_56616C6B69726961_RedoransRetreat01_000007_20200323161153_1_1.skse"
  [SP+FA8]  0x7FF9CC2EEC13     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+11EC13) (char*) "nctorManager data..."
  [SP+FB0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+FB8]  0x13               (u8):[19]
  [SP+FC0]  0x7FF9CC2AE0B0     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+DE0B0) (char*) "dispatched message."
  [SP+FC8]  0x7FF9CC25ADC2     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+8ADC2) (void*)
  [SP+FD0]  0x7FF9CC2AED00     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+DED00) (char*) "(code = %16I64X (%I64d))"
  [SP+FD8]  0x7FF9CC2EEC00     (skse64_1_5_97.dll+11EC00) (char*) "Loading SKSEDelayFunctorManager data..."
  [SP+FE0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+FE8]  0xF                (u8):[15]
  [SP+FF0]  0x0                (NULL)
  [SP+FF8]  0xFFB7AFF228       (void*)

  SkyrimSE.exe:                                     0x7FF6C6B80000
  ntdll.dll:                                        0x7FFA21BC0000
  KERNEL32.DLL:                                     0x7FFA20E20000
  KERNELBASE.dll:                                   0x7FFA1EBF0000
  apphelp.dll:                                      0x7FFA1CD00000
  USER32.dll:                                       0x7FFA21040000
  win32u.dll:                                       0x7FFA1F620000
  GDI32.dll:                                        0x7FFA21360000
  gdi32full.dll:                                    0x7FFA1FA00000
  msvcp_win.dll:                                    0x7FFA1EB50000
  ucrtbase.dll:                                     0x7FFA1F650000
  ADVAPI32.dll:                                     0x7FFA1FC70000
  msvcrt.dll:                                       0x7FFA212C0000
  sechost.dll:                                      0x7FFA20C10000
  RPCRT4.dll:                                       0x7FFA21540000
  SHELL32.dll:                                      0x7FFA1FE80000
  cfgmgr32.dll:                                     0x7FFA1FC20000
  shcore.dll:                                       0x7FFA21AD0000
  combase.dll:                                      0x7FFA20800000
  bcryptPrimitives.dll:                             0x7FFA1FBA0000
  windows.storage.dll:                              0x7FFA1EEA0000
  profapi.dll:                                      0x7FFA1EB00000
  powrprof.dll:                                     0x7FFA1EA90000
  UMPDC.dll:                                        0x7FFA1EA80000
  shlwapi.dll:                                      0x7FFA20F50000
  kernel.appcore.dll:                               0x7FFA1EAE0000
  cryptsp.dll:                                      0x7FFA1F9E0000
  ole32.dll:                                        0x7FFA1FD20000
  WS2_32.dll:                                       0x7FFA20EE0000
  SETUPAPI.dll:                                     0x7FFA21660000
  bcrypt.dll:                                       0x7FFA1F750000
  XINPUT1_3.dll:                                    0x400000
  OLEAUT32.dll:                                     0x7FFA20730000
  DINPUT8.dll:                                      0x7FF9E1D10000
  WINHTTP.dll:                                      0x7FFA18690000
  IPHLPAPI.DLL:                                     0x7FFA1DFA0000
  MSVCP140.dll:                                     0x7FFA0B750000
  WSOCK32.dll:                                      0x7FFA09C90000
  VCRUNTIME140.dll:                                 0x7FFA0B7F0000
  binkw64.dll:                                      0x7FFA00990000
  d3dx9_42.dll:                                     0x7FFA016D0000
  HID.DLL:                                          0x7FFA1D690000
  WINMM.dll:                                        0x7FFA1B750000
  dxgi.dll:                                         0x7FFA1D780000
  dbghelp.dll:                                      0x7FFA05B40000
  WINMMBASE.dll:                                    0x7FFA1B720000
  dxcore.dll:                                       0x7FFA1D6F0000
  CRYPTBASE.DLL:                                    0x7FFA1E460000
  steam_api64.dll:                                  0x7FF9E18E0000
  PSAPI.DLL:                                        0x7FFA211E0000
  X3DAudio1_7.dll:                                  0x7FF9E1640000
  d3d11.dll:                                        0x180000000
  D3DCOMPILER_43.dll:                               0x7FF9C9390000
  d3dx11_43.dll:                                    0x7FF9E15F0000
  IMM32.DLL:                                        0x7FFA20D90000
  x3daudio1_7.dll:                                  0x55B80000
  binkw64_.dll:                                     0x234CFD50000
  skse64_steam_loader.dll:                          0x7FF9F3AF0000
  VERSION.dll:                                      0x7FFA17930000
  inputhost.dll:                                    0x7FFA15E90000
  CoreMessaging.dll:                                0x7FFA1C980000
  CoreUIComponents.dll:                             0x7FFA16900000
  PROPSYS.dll:                                      0x7FFA1B0E0000
  wintypes.dll:                                     0x7FFA1AD00000
  ntmarta.dll:                                      0x7FFA1DB10000
  usvfs_x64.dll:                                    0x7FF9D71D0000
  EngineFixesMemoryPatch.dll:                       0x7FF9EFC40000
  tbbmalloc.dll:                                    0x7FF9E1580000
  NetScriptFramework.Runtime.dll:                   0x7FF9EE9D0000
  mscoree.dll:                                      0x7FF9CEE40000
  mscoreei.dll:                                     0x7FF9CED90000
  clr.dll:                                          0x7FF9C88C0000
  VCRUNTIME140_CLR0400.dll:                         0x7FFA01470000
  ucrtbase_clr0400.dll:                             0x7FF9CEC30000
  mscorlib.ni.dll:                                  0x7FF9BB010000
  clrjit.dll:                                       0x7FF9CE1B0000
  wldp.dll:                                         0x7FFA1E4F0000
  CRYPT32.dll:                                      0x7FFA1F780000
  MSASN1.dll:                                       0x7FFA1EB30000
  WINTRUST.dll:                                     0x7FFA1F8D0000
  amsi.dll:                                         0x7FFA15FB0000
  USERENV.dll:                                      0x7FFA1E970000
  MpOav.dll:                                        0x7FFA15C80000
  MPCLIENT.DLL:                                     0x7FFA06800000
  gpapi.dll:                                        0x7FFA1D6A0000
  System.ni.dll:                                    0x7FF9BA3A0000
  System.Core.ni.dll:                               0x7FF9B9920000
  urlmon.dll:                                       0x7FFA16320000
  iertutil.dll:                                     0x7FFA11B40000
  SspiCli.dll:                                      0x7FFA1E9A0000
  NetScriptFramework.SkyrimSE.dll:                  0x7FF9CDB20000
  skse64_1_5_97.dll:                                0x7FF9CC1D0000
  AddItemMenuSE.dll:                                0x7FF9CEA00000
  cbp.dll:                                          0x234F2A80000
  DeviousDevices.dll:                               0x7FF9F5220000
  EngineFixes.dll:                                  0x7FF9C87E0000
  tbb.dll:                                          0x7FF9C8760000
  Fuz Ro D'oh.dll:                                  0x7FF9C86F0000
  hdtSMP64.dll:                                     0x7FF9B4030000
  JContainers64.dll:                                0x7FF9B95E0000
  rsaenh.dll:                                       0x7FFA1DE00000
  MfgConsole.dll:                                   0x7FF9CBEF0000
  mfgfix.dll:                                       0x7FF9E1250000
  PapyrusUtil.dll:                                  0x7FF9C8570000
  SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll:                             0x234F2EF0000
  SexLabUtil.dll:                                   0x7FF9C8410000
  skee64.dll:                                       0x7FF9B3E20000
  StayAtSystemPageSE.dll:                           0x7FF9E2B30000
  zzEstrusUtil.dll:                                 0x7FF9BD210000
  uxtheme.dll:                                      0x7FFA1CE00000
  MSCTF.dll:                                        0x7FFA20570000
  d3dcompiler_46e.dll:                              0x7FF9AD4D0000
  d3d11.dll:                                        0x7FFA1B7B0000
  nvldumdx.dll:                                     0x7FFA113F0000
  cryptnet.dll:                                     0x7FFA16750000
  imagehlp.dll:                                     0x7FFA20CB0000
  nvwgf2umx.dll:                                    0x7FF9E3A30000
  nvspcap64.dll:                                    0x7FF9F3530000
  NvCamera64.dll:                                   0x7FF9ACD40000
  XINPUT9_1_0.dll:                                  0x7FFA06700000
  WININET.dll:                                      0x7FFA0B9D0000
  WindowsCodecs.dll:                                0x7FFA165A0000
  d3dcompiler_47_64.dll:                            0x7FF9AC930000
  DEVOBJ.dll:                                       0x7FFA1E6E0000
  nvapi64.dll:                                      0x7FFA10EB0000
  nvcuda.dll:                                       0x7FF9AB860000
  dwmapi.dll:                                       0x7FFA1D330000
  MessageBus.dll:                                   0x7FFA0A1F0000
  NSI.dll:                                          0x7FFA20FB0000
  dhcpcsvc.DLL:                                     0x7FFA19740000
  XAudio2_7.dll:                                    0x7FFA01600000
  clbcatq.dll:                                      0x7FFA20CD0000
  MMDevApi.dll:                                     0x7FFA1A3E0000
  AUDIOSES.DLL:                                     0x7FFA1A490000
  Windows.UI.dll:                                   0x7FFA15FD0000
  TextInputFramework.dll:                           0x7FFA15CD0000
  avrt.dll:                                         0x7FFA19710000
  DSOUND.DLL:                                       0x7FF9F3800000
  resourcepolicyclient.dll:                         0x7FFA1D120000
  OneCoreCommonProxyStub.dll:                       0x7FF9FD9E0000
  OneCoreUAPCommonProxyStub.dll:                    0x7FFA14C90000
  dcomp.dll:                                        0x7FFA1BFD0000
  wbemprox.dll:                                     0x7FFA17D80000
  wbemcomn.dll:                                     0x7FFA17CF0000
  wbemsvc.dll:                                      0x7FFA170F0000
  fastprox.dll:                                     0x7FFA17650000
  dhcpcsvc6.DLL:                                    0x7FFA19720000
  DNSAPI.dll:                                       0x7FFA1DFF0000
  webio.dll:                                        0x7FFA16780000
  mswsock.dll:                                      0x7FFA1E290000
  WINNSI.DLL:                                       0x7FFA198F0000
  rasadhlp.dll:                                     0x7FFA17DC0000
  fwpuclnt.dll:                                     0x7FFA19610000
  schannel.DLL:                                     0x7FFA1DD30000
  mskeyprotect.dll:                                 0x7FFA05EF0000
  ncrypt.dll:                                       0x7FFA1E560000
  NTASN1.dll:                                       0x7FFA1E520000
  ncryptsslp.dll:                                   0x7FFA05690000
  DPAPI.DLL:                                        0x7FFA1DE40000

Plugins (1)
    Name: "Immersive First Person View"
    Version: 7
    Author: "meh321"
    Website: "https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22306"
    Assembly: IFPV, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

  Currently executing hooks (0)

Game plugins (217)
  [00] Skyrim.esm
  [01] Update.esm
  [02] Dawnguard.esm
  [03] HearthFires.esm
  [04] Dragonborn.esm
  [05] Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
  [06] ETaC - RESOURCES.esm
  [07] SexLab.esm
  [08] Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
  [09] SexLabAroused.esm
  [0A] CreatureFramework.esm
  [0B] RaceCompatibility.esm
  [0C] Heels Sound.esm
  [0D] HentaiPregnancy.esm
  [0E] LegacyoftheDragonborn.esm
  [0F] MajesticMountains_Landscape.esm
  [10] ZaZAnimationPack.esm
  [11] Skyrim - Utility Mod.esm
  [12] Devious Devices - Assets.esm
  [13] Devious Devices - Integration.esm
  [14] Devious Devices - Expansion.esm
  [15] Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin SSE Version.esp
  [16] Blowing in the Wind SSE.esp
  [17] SkyUI_SE.esp
  [18] S3DLandscapes NextGenerationForests.esp
  [19] Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
  [1A] Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof.esp
  [1B] SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp
  [1C] EmbersHD.esp
  [1D] UIExtensions.esp
  [1E] FNIS.esp
  [1F] SOSRaceMenu.esp
  [20] Atlas Compass Tweaks.esp
  [21] RLO - Interiors.esp
  [22] S3DTrees NextGenerationForests.esp
  [23] JKs Skyrim.esp
  [24] EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - JKs Skyrim.esp
  [25] CLARALUX SSE.esp
  [26] SkyrimIsWindy.esp
  [27] ETaC - Complete.esp
  [28] EEKs Whiterun Interiors.esp
  [29] Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp
  [2A] Obsidian Mountain Fogs.esp
  [2B] RLO - Exteriors.esp
  [2C] Eli_Breezehome.esp
  [2D] MilkModNEW.esp
  [2E] MilkMod_MilkPumpsFancy.esp
  [2F] Inns and Taverns.esp
  [30] hydra_slavegirls.esp
  [31] WICO - Immersive People.esp
  [32] SexLab-Stories.esp
  [33] MajesticMountains_Moss.esp
  [34] SexLab More Creatures.esp
  [35] sanguinesDebauchery.esp
  [36] Deviously Cursed Loot.esp
  [37] SimpleSlavery.esp
  [38] Atlas Legendary.esp
  [39] ZaFromTheDeepsV2.esp
  [3A] ETaC - Complete Claralux Patch.esp
  [3B] SofiaFollower.esp
  [3C] MoreNastyCritters.esp
  [3D] DeviousFollowers.esp
  [3E] SexLab_Dialogues.esp
  [3F] SLPrivacy.esp
  [40] SexLab-Parasites.esp
  [41] SexLab-StoriesDevious.esp
  [42] TheAmazingWorldOfBikiniArmor.esp
  [43] MF_RadiantProstitution.esp
  [44] Blowing in the Wind - SMIM Merged All Patch SSE.esp
  [45] Better Dynamic Snow.esp
  [46] NAT.esp
  [47] MajesticMountains.esp
  [48] BlendedRoads.esp
  [49] ETaC - Better Dynamic Snow Patch.esp
  [4A] Runandwalkpaces.esp
  [4B] Realistic AI Detection 2 SE Lite.esp
  [4C] RLO - Effects.esp
  [4D] RLO - VIS Patch.esp
  [4E] STAC.esp
  [4F] WICO - Immersive Character.esp
  [50] WICO - Wild Hunt Gears.esp
  [51] AddItemMenuSE.esp
  [52] Customizable Camera.esp
  [53] RaceMenu.esp
  [54] XPMSE.esp
  [55] RaceMenuPlugin.esp
  [56] SexLabDefeat.esp
  [57] Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
  [58] SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp
  [59] SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp
  [5A] SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp
  [5B] ERF - Succubus.esp
  [5C] SerialStrip.esp
  [5D] Kardia Armor.esp
  [5E] WetFunction.esp
  [5F] PeroPeroArmorPackSE.esp
  [60] SWT1.2.esp
  [61] HornyCreatures.esp
  [62] ASOS Race Patch.esp
  [63] SexLab Aroused Creatures.esp
  [64] NewmillerWeirdSkirt.esp
  [65] SLAnimLoader.esp
  [66] MonnoBikini.esp
  [67] BodySearch.esp
  [68] RohZima_AnimObjects.esp
  [69] SuccubusRaceLite.esp
  [6A] Better Vampires.esp
  [6B] RLO - Illuminated Spells.esp
  [6C] WICO - Immersive Dawnguard.esp
  [6D] SL Deadly Drain.esp
  [6E] Sofia Uses Custom Body Meshes.esp
  [6F] 360WalkandRunPlus-RunBackwardSpeedAdjust.esp
  [70] dcc-buttplug.esp
  [71] [COCO]Black_cat.esp
  [72] SOS - ERF - Horse Penis Redux Addon.esp
  [73] SOS_Ho.esp
  [74] R18pn - lingerie Set.esp
  [75] Ultimate Lingerie Collection.esp
  [76] [SunJeong] Nausicaa Lingerie.esp
  [77] AMatterOfTime.esp
  [78] EstrusChaurus.esp
  [79] Gatti12Jewelry.esp
  [7A] Salome.esp
  [7B] Aradia Living Armor.esp
  [7C] [Zynx] Printedtights.esp
  [7D] opmfgconsole.esp
  [7E] Blush When Aroused.esp
  [7F] BikiniAscendVolume1.esp
  [80] HentaiCreatures.esp
  [81] GPPoses.esp
  [82] BFPoser.esp
  [83] BFPoser02.esp
  [84] AnimatedParasites.esp
  [85] MilkModNEW HF.esp
  [86] MilkModNEW ZaZ Sanbox.esp
  [87] Brows.esp
  [88] BDIC.esp
  [89] SexLab Inflation Framework.esp
  [8A] RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp
  [8B] SLAL_AnimationByBakaFactory.esp
  [8C] 3BBB.esp
  [8D] ERF - Futanari CBBE - Equippable.esp
  [8E] SOS - ERF - Futanari CBBE - Addon.esp
  [8F] BD UUNP Collection.esp
  [90] CBBE.esp
  [91] NoOverpenetration.esp
  [92] MilkModNEW Sanbox.esp
  [93] Spank That Ass.esp
  [94] dse-soulgem-oven.esp
  [95] SLSO.esp
  [96] SLSO_F_VP_Maria.esp
  [97] SLSO_F_VP_Eliz.esp
  [98] Naked Dungeons.esp
  [99] zDarkArena.esp
  [9A] SL_Kidnapped_Redux.esp
  [9B] SLALAnimObjBillyy.esp
  [9C] SlaveTats.esp
  [9D] NIOPA-Objects.esp
  [9E] NiOverridePoseAdjustments.esp
  [9F] [Melodic] Zero Suit Samus.esp
  [A0] [Melodic] Countess.esp
  [A1] [Melodic] Gold Princess.esp
  [A2] DOA_Fortune_Bikini_UNPB.esp
  [A3] BDO Dream Laced.esp
  [A4] STA V2.esp
  [A5] [Zynx][Melodic] Zealoth Outfit.esp
  [A6] SantaRobes.esp
  [A7] Tera Uniforms.esp
  [A8] [Zynx][Melodic] Heavy Metal Princess.esp
  [A9] [Zynx] Cow Outfit.esp
  [AA] [Zynx] Bowsette Shell.esp
  [AB] [Zynx][Melodic] Shadow Walker.esp
  [AC] [Zynx][Melodic] Fantasy ornaments.esp
  [AD] [Zynx][Melodic] Night Wave.esp
  [AE] [Melodic] Hardcore.esp
  [AF] PftV1.esp
  [B0] BDO Cavaro.esp
  [B1] Naughty Nights.esp
  [B2] AnotherVampireLeatherArmor.esp
  [B3] [Melodic] Batboob Succub.esp
  [B4] [Melodic] HighCutHeaven Swimsuit.esp
  [B5] [Melodic] B.va.esp
  [B6] [Zynx][Melodic] Devil Lingerie.esp
  [B7] [Zynx] Sexy Transparent Swimsuits.esp
  [B8] Widowmaker.esp
  [B9] [Zynx][Melodic] After School.esp
  [BA] [Zynx][Melodic] Novarien Outfit.esp
  [BB] [Zynx] Restricted Santa.esp
  [BC] TheEyesOfBeauty.esp
  [BD] [Zynx][NH] Mini Skirts.esp
  [BE] BarbarianPaints.esp
  [BF] KS Hairdo's.esp
  [C0] SD Addons.esp
  [C1] Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
  [C2] ccas_starts.esp
  [C3] EEKs Whiterun Int - Alternative Start patch v1.3.esp
  [C4] RealisticWaterTwo.esp
  [C5] RealisticWaterTwo - Waves.esp
  [C6] waterplants.esp
  [FF] zzEstrus.esp
  [FE 000] SexLab_Solutions.esp
  [FE 001] Better Dynamic Snow - NSUTR Patch.esp
  [FE 002] SerialStripper.esp
  [FE 003] JailRape.esp
  [FE 004] SmartNoMoreStupidDog.esp
  [FE 005] pchs_loansharks.esp
  [FE 006] Slutty Sister.esp
  [FE 007] C5Kev's Sexy Spriggan Armor CBBE.esp
  [FE 008] BDOR Mueburus by Team TAL.esp
  [FE 009] BDOR Pabilla by Team TAL.esp
  [FE 00A] hcposer.esp
  [FE 00B] KSHairdosSMP.esp
  [FE 00C] KSWigsSMP.esp
  [FE 00D] 3BBB-SL_NoStrip.esp
  [FE 00E] SlaveTatsEventsBridge.esp
  [FE 00F] RealisticWaterTwo - Needs Mod Patch.esp
  [FE 010] RealisticWaterTwo - Watercolor.esp


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