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BodyTalk2 Vanilla and DLC Armors and Clothes

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Hi guys and gals,


I realise that this mod was taken down from Nexus ages ago.  Though, I recall being able to Google it and download it that way.  I think it was on VectorPlexus.  Now it seems that one was taken down too.  Does anyone know where else to download it, or have a copy I can download?  I get the author permissions thing, but it seems a bit daft for such a mod to be taken down with no other alternative.



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You can find it on the BodyTalk Discord (I don't remember the name of where it is located, something in the outdated category or something like that). Though the author of BodyTalk is planning the next release of BodyTalk to include all the armors and clothing converted themselves. So you could just wait for that. Otherwise, pick up the outdated one on their Discord server.

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