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I need some serious help

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So I decided to stop fiddling with Maria Eden and try other mods. Unfortunately, when I went down the rabbit hole of installing the multitude of mods required to get MNC and horny creatures of skyrim to work, it resulted in nothing working. Quite frankly I am tired of trying to figure out why almost nothing is working. 


These are ALL the mods I have activated currently:

Billyy's SLAL animations 3.01

Bodyslide and outfit studio


Creature Framework 1.1.0-pre2

Devious Devices Assets

FNIS&SL spider behavior patch


FNIS creature pack

HDT physics extended

Hentai Creatures MNCv12

Horney Creatures of Skyrim v1_15

Jaxonz positioner (left over from Maria Eden, probably should remove)

JContainers 3.2.6


More Nasty Critters v12RC9

NetImmerse Override (don't even remember what that is there for)

Race Menu (seems important)

Sexlab 1.62sslActorAliasFIX v2

SexLab Quite the Sperm Replacer 4

SexLab tools v3

SexLab aroused v28b

SexLab Dragons v2.2

SexLab Framework v162 FULL

SexLab Matchmaker rev.7

Skyrim config menu


SLAL animations by Leito v1.6

SLAnimLoader 1.5

SOS 3.00.004


unofficial Skyrim LE patch

XP32 max skeleton extended

Zaz animation pack v7


My load order:








unofficial patch




Zaz animation pack

SOS core

devious devices assets






SOS race menu



SOS vector plexus regular addon

config menu

RaceMenu morphs CBBE

mihailZombies (I have no idea what this is)


Sexlab tools


Hentai creatures

SL match maker


horny creatures


SLAL anim by Leito





My problems include but are probably not limited to:

Hentai creature training not working 

Matchmaker is working, but actors stand inside of each other while the animation is supposed to be playing

I have no idea how to actually trigger any of the sex scenes with anything other than matchmaker and it doesn't seem to work with anything else but humans

And I would also like to know if alternate start is compatible with any of this because I really don't feel like playing the tutorial again.


I don't know which papyrus log you might need so I just posted all three that I have


Papyrus.0.log SexLabDebug.0.log SexLabDebug.1.log

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-Alternate start is compatible.


-MNC comes with a modified Creature Framework, for some (me included) it does not work so you have to install creature framework over it and let it overwrite the creature framework from MNC.

( that explains why the actors stand inside each other while animations are playing).


**Either that or you ran Fnis again after registering animations in sexlab, i never run fnis again after the animations have been registered unless i intend to start a new character after making a lot of changes.**


-Hentai creature training not working: it seems broken to me, when i was using it was rarely working so i've stopped using it.


-Triggering scenes without MatchMaker: grab quests/arousal/rape mods and such.


Edit: Typo.

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