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How to gets hands on a pc version

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On 3/22/2020 at 9:03 AM, dermoritz said:

hi there i would like to play this game on pc - due to available mods here ?. But i can't find any sources to buy/download it (Europe).


Any advice?

(pm would be also ok ?)


Thanks in advance



follow the guide

read carefully


theres 2 steps first to install and register a DMM account and then download the game


hope that helps

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Download Windscribe. This is a 100% free VPN that allows you to connect to a Hong Kong VPN. Then use this link and click Install. https://steamdb.info/app/958260/info/

use this to get the game in englilsh.


another method i was told to do was use a throwaway email to create a throwaway steam account. when starting the new steam account set region to hong kong.  but the option above worked fast and easy (and im an idiot).

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Thanks to all of you i'll try the vpn path - it is sad that such thing are necessary. Why the hell this is not available in EU 


Just tried Windscribe: while i can browse the game i browser if i am connected via hong kong steam will reject to install and says that the game is not available in my country ?


i also tried tunnelbear, this is working much faster but result is the same - steam says not available in my country,

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after installing the vpns, did you turn them on? stupid question but the reason im asking is cause i had the same issue at first. took me a few tries just flicking random on/off buttons before i got it to work since i didn't know what any of the words meant (yes, was in english but as stated above, im an idiot).

for windscribe i had to regester my email to get up to 10gb usage.

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