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Xavier's Claire College girl

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Xavier's Claire College girl

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A simple clothing ported from RE2, including a dress, a backpack and a necktie with few modifications available


1. Install/Uninstall via NMM or MO

2. Use Esp-Explore to get the suit OR go to Cambridge Police Station to find it

3. To get more details please go find by yourself in game.   


CBBE & Fallout 4 High heel system is required to run this mod




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Very nice outfit, but there is one thing that buggs me, I can´t find the requirement to craft the 3rd design (as well as the armor upgrades, but I found them in the console). When searching for "clair" it shows that a quest by Fred inside Hotel Rexford has some kind of connection, but I don´t know if that is caused by this mod or is a vanilla quest. Would apreciate help to solve the mistery

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