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This is my twisted spin off of the Legacy Challenge.

Rules: You start out as a Teens, sister and brother. You must live in Newcrest in  the 50x40 Lot and must have the cheapest stove, fridge, bed, bathtub and toilet. The Boy must quit school so he could provide for his future wife and children, he must have high fishing and fitness. The girl must also quit school and must have high cooking, painting skills each 
Once one generation is complete, move out your heir to a new lot. You are allowed to give them a third of the old family's funds.
Aging must be set to Normal. You are not allowed to use mechanics to keep sims from aging/dying.
If you use Seasons from the start, you must set the time to either 7 or 14 days per season.

You win the challenge when you have ten Generations of Incest families..



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