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Dynamic Sexy Swap for Shino School Uniform

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Dynamic Sexy Swap for Shino School Uniform

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Shino School Uniform contains a lot of different clothing items coupled with revealing "sexy" variants.


This mod is a pair of scripts for SL Triggers by Fotogen that swap the items of Shino School Uniform for their "sexy" variants during sex, and returns them to normal afterwards.


How to use:


1. Install Shino School Uniform and SL Triggers.


2. Copy the scripts from this package to SL Triggers "commands" folder.


3. Go to SL Triggers MCM menu in game and set these commands to trigger with these preferred settings:

- 100% chance

- on Begin

Optional settings, so the trigger is not called more than necessary:

- actor: "Player" if you're the only one using these items


Recommended, but not required: mark the normal variants of the supported Shino School Uniform items (body-slot items, skirts, but not shorts) as "Never Remove" in SexLab. Not doing this won't cause any problems, but there will be a visual inconsistency with the original items getting unequipped before the "sexy" variant is equipped.


How it works:


These scripts work by searching an actor's inventory for any of the supported Shino School Uniform items when the sex starts. It can't check if the item is equipped, so it just checks the inventory.


The supported items include all body-slot clothing, skirts and sport shorts. The "SchoolBottom" script searches for skirts and shorts, and "School Top" searches for everything else (the scripts are separated to make it easier to program handling 2 items simultaneously).


If any such item is found, its "sexy" variant is added to the actor's inventory and equipped when sex starts. After sex ends, the "sexy" items added by the scripts are removed from inventory.


Shorts are only swapped for their "sexy" variant if the animation played is not tagged as "Vaginal" or "Anal". Otherwise they are not handled by these scripts, and are supposed to be unequipped by SexLab.

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The only bottom/underwear with "sexy" variants in Shino's Uniform are the skirt and sport shorts. They are both handled in the "Bottom" script (unless you want to equip both the skirt and shorts at the same time? Right now, only one of them will be handled).

Any other underwear doesn't have "sexy" variants and is supposed to just be unequipped by SexLab.

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On 6/15/2020 at 6:28 PM, cloakofskill said:

I've noticed it only works with the CBBE Shino outfit. Is there a way to get it to work with TBD?

My guess is the problem is with a differently named ESP. You can edit my script to make sure that the ESP name inside it matches your outfit ESP name.

If that doesn't help - then the item IDs in that version are probably different - if that's the case, you'll have to replace every ID in the script with the correct ones...

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