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This is my very first time uploading and using Tray Importer, so if I did something wrong, go easy on me! (Or else I probably won't ever do this again.)


I don't really think of myself as a modder, but sometimes I find it enjoyable to take random townies who kinda look pretty good, and try to give them makeovers with CC to transform them into hot babes. I had given this rather bland townie new CC hair, tweaked some facial features a little, and I was looking through the Skin Details section (trying to decide if I wanted to give her a full-body skin overlay, or just stick with the default), and I discovered that she looks really amazing with the darker tones of one particular skin overlay (this one, if I'm reading Tray Importer correctly). It completely transformed her look in a big way, so I felt like that was a happy accident that was worth sharing with the community.


Like I said, I don't really think of myself as a modder; this is basically just the alchemy of the random townie generator plus the Skin Details, so I don't really feel like I actually made this. I feel more like I discovered it. As you can see from the previews, I haven't even picked out which clothes she's gonna wear yet (I took off all the random townie clothes because I now think of this as a separate character, so I didn't want to just copy the townie's style), but I decided to upload it now anyway, because I'm not sure when I'm gonna get back to that (I'm a little ADD with projects like these). On the bright side, that makes the download a little leaner (all the CC that I do have, like makeup and hair, are included in the file here), and you can give her your own style.


You all have my full permission to dress her up or make further changes and then re-upload on one condition, that you let me know about it, because I might end up liking your version more than mine. Other than that, just have fun and I hope you like her.



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    Probably Wicked Whims, but I'm not positive because I just always use that.


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