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FNIS behavior (Help)


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Okay so I have been experimenting with new FNIS animations...and (It doesn't happen all the time)

But from time to time my character will freeze up like a statue..but I can still move her around?


I have tried different behaviors but it still happens from time to time..on custom races and Vanilla races


Jumping seems to take her out of the freeze state..

And when it happens she doesn't stay that way very long..but it's still annoying ya know?


Any ideas to fixing this?


Thanks much 


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THats usually related to frame count error while using gender specific anims. From my understanding the Gender animation paths need to have the same frame count as the animations they are effectively redirecting. its an issue with the animations more than with FNIS. Although not using the gender path will resolve 99.999999 % of these. The other reason is something like dragon borns new animations and have old outdated FNIS Behavior.

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