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New to Skyrim modding, not sure which order these particular mods should go in.

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As the title says, I'm pretty new to Skyrim modding, and if I'm being honest, not exactly sure what I am doing. I'm having conflict problems, and i'm not sure which order these mods should go in with each other. Anyways, if you're interested in helping, here are the mods in question. 


1. Zaz and Milk Mod Economy (Assets)

2. Skooma Whore and Dangerous Nights 2
3. Dangerous Nights 2 and Sex with Thieves

4. Milk Mod Economy and its Assets 

5. EOB and the NPC version. 


Sorry for posting this and seeming newbish. I wouldn't have posted this if I knew which order to put these in. I just don't want to fuck up the game. 

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you ought to educate yourself on how modding works, its a steep learning curve. on youtube there is a channel called gopher - aside from letsplays, he also has very good tutorials on everything.


Youre going to need to invest some time learning modding, its a genuine skill set. especially with these "advanced" mods that use custom scripting, skeletons, etc.


you also want to be sure you know how to use mod organizer 2, a software you can get on nexus. watch tutorials on that too. finally learn outfit studio and bodyslide.


Welcome to Skyrim Mod University.

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