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[Request] 3 Character Presets

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I did try to get this requested on the Nexus Forums, but I figure I'll try here as well, being that it got buried pretty quickly. I'm aware this might be a bit much and really I am willing to just go with one or two of them. Anyway, thank you!


I have yet to find a good preset for three separate people, and I'm looking for them pretty hard at this point. If someone has them, wants to share them, or wants to make them that would be awesome. I'm willing to download/change my downloads to accommodate whatever you decide you might need to make them look right. As a note, yes I have seen the Adam/Kylo SAVEGAMES and the Daisy/Rey SAVEGAMES but I'm not looking for savegames, I'd really love an actual Character Preset, if at all possible. Thank you! ❤️




Adam Driver (as a preset, not a save game)

I've seen save game versions of this, and neither are very good (IMO). Yes, he's got a huge nose but he doesn't have a Squidward nose or a giant forehead making him look alien. I also am not a fan of the one that has him constantly frowning (and I don't really want to play with him as Kylo Ren). I might be the pickest about this one, just because I'd use him as my SS's Spouse (with Dual Survivors so If I'm gonna be staring at Adam's face all day I'd like it to be pretty... I'm vain, I'm aware).



Daisy Ridley (as a preset, again, not a save game)

As before, I've seen a save game version of this and again, not my favorite (and plus I can't get the save game stuff to work for me...). I think she'd make a good SS (and being that there is a Rey hairstyle in KS hairs... it would be at least easy to just give her a hairstyle right off.).



Ana de Armas

I just have not seen this preset anywhere. Which is a shame because she's quite pretty and would make an awesome SS. I am less gushy about this one but that's because I've literally never seen anyone do her (I am aware there WAS a mod with her in it but it's gone so I don't know what that version looked like).


If anyone is willing to do any/two/all three of these that would be amazing. I can supply pictures, encouragement, and friendship if you'd like!

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I did attempt to make Adam and Daisy, based on a John Wick preset and the Sophia preset, myself. I'm not giving these to anyone so I didn't exactly ask permission to use the presets and modify them, but I can if necessary.









I'm just hoping someone else can do this better than I can because I'm not pleased with what I've got. (And obviously if you wanna do Ana de Armas instead of Daisy that's cool too)

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