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Need some help with 2 issues, please.


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Hello and thanks in advance for at least reading this,


Issue 1:  I use Natilde's Customized Monli Race & Followers, but use Kashim's Monli Skeleton for the weapon size reduction (scales weapons down so they don't look so huge).  Everything works fine except for two things, in 3rd person I have a hell of a time moving bodies and can not move when encumbered (95% of the time; on rare occasions walking backward while strafing gets it to work).  It was suggested to me to install Realistic Ragdolls and Force; which I did and it helps only a fraction of the time in 3rd person.  Here's the kicker, in 1st person I can throw bodies like vanilla and walk while encumbered (I can even roll back out into 3rd person and keep moving; if I stop, I have to go back into 1st person).  I don't know if it's a bug with the skeleton, an animation or the race.  Any help on this would be appreciated, I have that work-around, but it's annoying to me as I like to play in 3rd person.


Issue 2:  As mentioned above, I use Natilde's Monli Followers and I would love it if someone could explain to me how the heck I can keep them from looking like meth heads after I turn them into vampires.  Right, more specifically, is there anything I can do to either prevent their heads from morphing but still give them fangs & vampire eyes?  As it stands now, when I turn them using Better Vampires (AFT is bugged or the Monli Race is; when I use AFT's embrace option the Monli turn into Ashen Vampires.  Don't ask me I have no clue what's going on with that)  they get the grey-head bug and their hair loses it's texture (purple/white colored).  I know I could use the Better Vampires option to have "No Change" occur, but I would at least like to see their eyes change & for them to have fangs.  It kinda kills it for me to just have them 'pretend' to be vampires (IE no change).  Is there a guide or anything that could help me make custom followers "ready" to be vampires?  I know enough to be dangerous with CK; modifying existing NPCs in game hair, face, etc. and have even created a custom npc though I borked up the import/export so they ended up with a grey-head bug.  So, short words and pretty pictures would be appreciated. ;)


Thanks again.

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After more testing; I don't fully believe it's the skeleton at this point.  I've replaced the default skeleton with XP32's Maximum Skeleton and it's still doing the same thing as with the default skeleton.  I took out some ini changes to the 3rd person camera and disabled all my animations (have them all setup in a single "mod" to make it easier to install/remove), no dice.


Unless all custom skeletons are buggy as heck, which I doubt because more people would be complaining about it, I think it has to do with the Monli race setup itself.  Is there anything in the racial profile I need to look for?  I've tried to do some comparisons, but I honestly don't see much difference between Nord & Monli basic settings.  The only thing that stuck out was under Body Data; Monli have the body biped data option set to none, while Nords are set to body, could this be it?




Edit: Turning off realistic ragdolls and force has little effect; 3rd person still has issues, 1st person is fine.

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Son of a...


It's a scaling issue, it has nothing to do with race, skeleton or realistic ragdolls.  I tested with a nord at full height, no problem in 3rd or 1st person.  Then I did a setscale to .8 (approximate height of Monli characters) and BAM issues in 3rd person.  On the flip side, I made a Monli character standard height, tested and had issues in 3rd person as expected.  I then setscale to 1.2 to approximate human height (considering they are set to .78 in the race file) and could toss bodies around and move while encumbered.


This was all done with the absolute least amount of addons (I use Mod Organizer; my data folder is still a virgin):

Alternate Start: LAL


Dawnguard DLC

for the nord character, and added:

Natilde's Monli Customization race files

for the Monli character.


Now then, am I basically screwed with this or does anyone know a way to resolve it?

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This is for anyone else who maybe curious, yes I did (after all this time) finally resolve my 3rd person issues with the Monli Race.  I tried 3 different "current" version of the race with the same results and after spending some time talking to SkullTyrant on Nexus (yeah yeah I know) I eventually figured out and fixed the issue with his help.  Please check out his custom skeleton replacers on Nexus:




The race is set to .78 in CK and this is the root of all the problems.  The further away from the standard racial sizes (set in the race options) the more likely you are going to be to experience the same issues in 3rd person.  After testing with a newly (copied) race in CK, I found no matter what I did, if the race was set that low on the scale, it would not work.  I made a copy of the BretonRace and set it to .78 Height on the Body Tab (no other changes other than name) with a fully reinstalled stock Skyrim.  On a hunch, I decided to set the race back to 1.0000 and use one of the many custom skeletons SkullTyrant had suggested I try originally and IT WORKS.  His custom skeletons are already scaled for the Monli race (.78 standard size) and this is what lead me down this path.  When I originally tried his skeletons I noted that the race appeared even smaller than it was originally.  That's because the race was set to .78 and then the skeleton modified it further with another .78.  Granted, I quickly found that the 1st person camera was at standard height due to my changing the race back to 1.0000, but installing another skeleton (1st-person skeleton) from another small race cleared that issue up as well.  I just have to remember to disable the 1st person skeleton if I ever decide to play a normal-sized race.


Now I've got to decide which version I'm going to use (Kashim's, Natilde's (w/ followers) or a 3.0 version I found on a JPN site) and edit it properly with these changes, clean up some entries in CK and maybe rebuild the Race Compatibility for Dawnguard.


I still haven't resolved what I'm going to do about my follower issues, but that's next on the agenda, after I clean up the Monli race itself.



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