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Holding sword backwards in kill moves

Brian L

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For some reason I am now holding swords backwards in certain kill moves. I haven't been installing new mods so I'm not sure what could have caused this. However I also haven't been combatting humans in my game for a long time, so I'm not sure how long I have had this bug!


This bug occurs when I do the downward stab animation (when the enemy is exhausted, on the ground), and when I do the standing head-stab.


Here is a screenshot:



I have been removing mods one by one to figure out what could be causing this, and it is driving me nuts. I'm worried that this is caused by some change that I made that I have forgotten about.


Thank you for any help you can provide.


EDIT: This is due to XP32's New Animation Package. It isn't due to any specific animation. It is due to the package itself. I guess this is because of the included "behavior" files. I checked this by installing the package without installing any animations.

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