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[mod] Elven Portraits

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Elven Portraits

Elven reskin of Cheri Portraits, changes all vanilla portraits to beautiful elves
By Sammy Yang

Warning!!! NOT compatible with Cheri Portraits(Its the same mod code wise)

There is a decision to change character portraits in the intrigue tab, alternatively...

To manually set your portrait:

1. Open the console by pressing the grave (`) key.

2. Run the command "event CheriPortraits.1" without quotation marks. This will clear your portrait.

3. Run the command "add_trait cheri_portraitX" where X is any number between 1 and 26. This will give you one of the 26 portraits available.

** Run the command "add_trait cheri_portraitX" if you want a female
Frost elf, blue arctic background (1-13) or
High elf, orange cathedral background (14-26).

** Run the command "add_trait cheri_portrait_south_asianX" if you want a female
Wood elf, green jungle background (1-13) or
Dark drow, red black volcano background (14-26).

** Run the command "add_trait cheri_portrait_east_asianX" if you want a female
Pale drow, Purple cave background (1-13) or
Asian elf, yellow city background (14-26)

4. If you don't like the portrait you got, run the command "remove_trait cheri_portraitX" where X is the same number you chose earlier. Then repeat Step 3 with a different number to get a different picture.

Cheri Song: Thanks you my Goddess for letting me use your code
Check out the original portrait mod

Team Nessassity for creating the wonderful Elves of stellaris mod
Check out their Stellaris mod at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=915432220

Nessa - Portraits, Outfits
Valerius - Portraits
Bluezium - Space Chinese elfs
Human Revolution Team - "Sexy bangs" hairstyles (Not sure if I used them but still awesome)
Mon_EsPeace - Stock Jewelry
Last Leviathan - Background
Blackfyre - Background
Nayumi Arata - Thanks you for making the sweetest elf girl ever
Sakimichan - Elf boi portrait


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