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Little upgrade for website?...


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Hey, what ya think about my EPIC and AMAZING idea?

on HOME you have tab "New Topics" this on right side.




This one.



How about adding channel information here?...

im fking tired of opening TheSims Topics... i dont care about them and every time i want to see new topics i open one or two TheSims topics...


if i would know that its TheSims topic i never click it...


But now i click all new topics then i see its TheSims and i must click back =_=...

its fking waste of time...



Sorry for my potato english xD







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a good idea, but I almost always start with my profile page.
and then I move to the forums that interest me.
when I'm on the Home page by LL am, then i never look at the right side, because it is difficult these small messages in the categories to translate!
I could of course translate the entire home page, BUT the automatic translation program is not good! :classic_wink:

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