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Better T6 & T6M download link?


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I apologize in advance for making this thread but the download link from Better T6 & T6M is dead, and since traffic on the Non Adult Mods section is fairly low judging by the posting history, I was hoping I would garner more visibility here.


I'm aware junkacc made TYP4 bodies with no seams, but since I really like some T6M outfits I would love it to have the seamless Better T6M meshes to go with them. Thank you!

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On 3/2/2020 at 9:14 AM, Lol_Kek_Cheburek_II said:

Someone actually doing T6M redux. Just wait upload I guess.

Or make it yourself. junkacc(OC of that fix) fixed a lot of armors for t6m if not all and made seam templates for vertex normals that you can copy. Also use seamless textures for T4 which is compatible with T6M.

It would be much faster than waiting in pretty much dead section for download link.

Woah, that looks really good!
I guess I'll have to wait, as much as it pains me to. Thank you!

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