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How to use Xbox 360 Save game both skyrim and oblivion

Guest Lady Luck

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Guest Lady Luck

Skyrim tutorial How To use Xbox 360 save file


" This will fix alot of problem , PC save port sucks it doesn't really fix the glitch however i found out this trick works on my end!,  now i can edit and hack my character  using character editor on xpg :P"


Xbox 360 Tutorial





1. open up modio

2. load the exs file format

3. Extract .dat file not the main exs file format.

4. Rename the .dat file into .ess file now you can play your character on pc!


Strange when i use xbox 360 i  experience wierd fps boost maybe the save file is capped down setting on console part who knows.


if glitch happens again re-convert the file into dat

do the rehash and resign trick that will restart everything on skyrim and now your game is bug free.


You can use the same tutorial on oblivion  i haven't played that game in ages so  i kinda forget...

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