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Strange flashing furniture items...

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New PC, fresh install of Fallout with a whole suite of updated mods, everything seems to be working but I have some furniture objects that flash constantly with a slightly pinkish 'shine' to them.




Anyone know what could be causing this? The shower is from BYOP and the bed is Lovers Luxury Bed, two completely unrelated mods... It's not game-breaking, but it is pretty annoying.

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It's actually getting really annoying now... It happens to some beds, but not others, some chairs but not others, all the conduits but not generators, cables or connectors. Some of the items are vanilla, some are mods and some are CC content. There's no relationship between these objects that I can figure out.



Holy Carp! I figured it out... It's from the Sim Settlements build contest pack. Apparently this kind of highlighting is turned on by default to signify... something.


Anyway, all fixed now. :D

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