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[Review] Wizardry Online

Ark of Truth

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Disclaimer: Subject to changes in the future. This review will outline the good and bad bits of the game rather than Graphics, audio etc.





Game Name: Wizardry Online
Developer: Gamepot Inc
Publisher: Gamepot Inc (Japen) Sony Online Entertainment (Outside Japan)
Genre: Role Playing Game, MMO
Age Rating: Teen
Number of servers: 2, each one divided into channels
Player base: Low
Distribution Media: Downloadable Client


Website: http://www.wizardrythegame.com/




The good bits



Quests in Wizardry are cleverly constructed which forces the player to think about what they are going to do and how they are
going to do it. Of course you do have more simple quests but the harder the quest the greater the rewards.




The graphics in this game are pretty reasonable with detailed models of characters and some pretty good looking landscapes.



Most of the channels are empty


This mean you can go into areas where you will not run into another living soul, or dead one for that matter. Having issues with players killing you? Go hide in another channel :) That's what I did. However getting some help from other may be a bit tricky.



The bad bits


Speech for NPCs

All dialogue is text based and none of it is spoken using audio voiceovers. This is annoying if you have a really long conversations
to read.


No healing items such as potions can be brought in game

Healing potion are a rare drop from monsters in the game. You CANNOT buy healing potions from any merchant in the game UNLESS
you buy them from the item mail merchant. This in itself makes the game hard to play however if you have a friend which plays with you who is a healer you should be fine or if your character is a healer as well, don't expect to survive long without one.


Open world PVP and Permanent Death

After reaching soul level 2 you character is automatically PVPable, you CANNOT opt out of PVP and any character of any level
can attack you regardless if you are out and about in a dungeon or in town which you would consider the safest place to be. It only takes a matter of 2 hours to reach soul level 2 perhaps even shorter if you know what your doing.


If you are killed by another player that player can attempt to steal your gear and items which are on your character at the time items which  are purchased from the cash shop are the safe from being stolen. It should be noted that players are not immune to PVP while browsing
jobs meaning that you can be attacked and you will have to close the shop window before you can defend yourself from harm.

After being killed either by a monster or another player the player will have to revive at a guardian stone. But in is not that simple, you have 12mins to get back to the guardian stone otherwise you will take a hit to revival causing your revival chance to be decreased. If you die
in a dungeon you will have to dodge the "Walkers" these monster look like the Grim Reaper, if you get caught by them you get sent back to your body still in ghost form and your revival chances decrease by 5-10 percent.


When the player reaches the guardian stone they will be shown the revival screen, this screen will tell the player what there chances are of revival. In the event that a player only has a revival chance of 25% they can sacrifice items and gold to the stone to increase their chances of revival. Note this will only slightly increase the chance!


In the event that you revive you can play the game again like normal however you are only immune to attacks for a few seconds. If a hostile player is camping the guardian stone they will most likely kill you again after the protection has warn off. This in it's self is NOT classed as harassment or grieving as it is a game feature.


If you fail to revive your character will enter the LOST state, if your character does into this state then that character will be no longer playable permanently meaning that all your items, gear, cash items etc will no longer be accessible to you. YOU LOSE EVERYTHING AND THE HIGHER YOUR LEVEL THE MORE YOU HAVE TO LOSE AND THE HIGHER YOUR CHANCE OF PERMANENTLY DYING!


This fact alone is what causes most players to leave Wizardry Online after about a week of playing.



Gear is expensive to buy, repair and replace for a new player


A new player will find it hard to buy, repair and replace gear which ends up broken or lost if they play solo. Depends on how you



Creature are not balanced for their level

Even the lowest level creature can do some seroius damage to a player. Creatures pretty much respawn after a few seconds and are in some cases extremely overpowered.






Personally I would stay away from this game the PVP and permanent death is enough to make you go nuts and get pissed off with
this game. Earlier on today I was having a gaming session with a friend which had to wait hours for wrecked because two players decided to kill us and camp the revive spot. That in itself permanently killed this game for me and made me quit. If I go back or not is another matter.


There is simply not enough benefits to playing this game then there is negatives. Considering this game has only just come out on 30th January 2013 from beta it is quickly getting a reputation of being crap and not worth playing. Players which have stayed with the game have stated if it wasn't for the fact that this game is Free to Play they most likely would of never of played it and quit after a week.


Personally I thought items which were paid for with real money could not be lost as at was one of the perks of a MMO, seems like I was wrong.




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Yeah, that sounds awful. Permadeath? In an MMO? What the hell were they thinking? Especially pairing that with required PVP. There'd have to be one hell of a consequence for PKing, or you'd end up with a gameworld populated with nothing but trolls and assholes. I do like the idea of there being consequences on death, though you can have your cake and eat it too by adopting a system similar to ZombiU; when you die, your character is dead for good, but you respawn as someone else and keep going, picking up where your previous incarnation left off, with their equipment (provided you can get to it).


Anyway, I'll give this one a pass. Thanks for the review!

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Woah that sounds godawful, what in oblivion where they thinking when implementing perm death, plus the whole revival process is basicaly a dice roll ?....uhhh thats crazy.


Seems like a self destructive game and proly the word "massive" wont last with it for long when all players are going to be dead :lol:

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This game is based on the Wizardry series which is singleplayer which had perma death in it. However a MMO should never have perma death. I enjoyed this game until I started getting killed by players which could over power me without effort.


Take the perma death out and stick in a option to toggle PVP on and this game will be fine.

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Guest Lady Luck

permanent death is scary :~  i had to try this game someday , when i am done with my mod grrr that thing is really time consuming this game sounds fun good  review ark :).

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