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Mesh Modding Help Needed Please

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Eyo (My Hello)


Im acting as an ambassador for the Dagi-Raht mod and its author. 


We are hoping to create a new mesh for some cat ears. The current ones are both physically impossible and are not aesthetically pleasing when using hair which exposes the sides of the head.

We propose a new resource be made to fix both issues.

However, neither myself nor FelesNoctis (the current Dagi-Raht mod author) are capable of this. We need help.


We wish to see the third set of ears in the above picture be created. This will create a physically realistic cat ear for humanoid people and make it look nicer with a shaved head.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact either myself (here or nexus) or FelesNoctis (nexus) regarding this project.


As Always, Have a Nice Day :)

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