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Looking for the browser game that was advertised in LoversLab

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I have played a browser game some 2-3 years ago that was advertised here. I've forgot the name and would like to play again.
I wonder if anyone can recall it.


It was designed exactly like a comic book. That is the key feature. You were the guy with huge dick and could travel through the story to meet some chicks and eventually fuck them. All this in the comic style with bubbles of speech, etc.

There were no animations but the pictures were very nicely drawn. I think you had some energy bar that was used to continue the story.

When you started the game there was an old man in a mansion that told you that he had his fun, now you are young guy so its your turn. I believe in this starting pic he had a red robe on with his huge flaccid dick showing. There were exhausted girls on the floor all over, covered in his cum. This is not sure, maybe just my imagination from the past :D


You could build different porn related buildings, studios that earned you money over time.

The girls you unlocked started dressed and than as you gave them gifts (which were thing like dildoes, handcuffs, whips?) they started to undress.

It was online, there were rankings among players, you could see who the biggest pimp was, etc.

I hope somebody can help, because I would love to see more of that game!

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