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Only One Specific Outfit in a converted mod has transparent skin textures

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Weird issue, but a friend sent me "SOS - Revealing Armors for Schlongs of Skyrim" by AOKI converted to SSE, and it works just fine. He also sent me "SOS - Male Vanilla Armor Conversions" from DarkSchneiderBS, also converted to SSE. Every single armor in the Male Vanilla Armor Conversions shows up just fine. It's just that one of the two Guard Armor conversions shows up with invisible thighs and torsos. Forearms are totally fine, the armor mesh itself is there, but the body is just... gone. 


I tried dropping these two mods to the bottom of my load order, and I tried disabling every other mod that could possibly alter a body or armor, aside from SL and SOS. I'm still *very* new to Skyrim modding, and to Bethesda games in general, but this has forced me to learn an awful lot very fast and I think I'm at the end of what I can do on my own. 


Armor causing transparent body: 


C750dZk.pngalso with ShowInventory if that helps at all:





Another armor from the pack that seems to be working just fine, with SOS:





Any help at all, or even a general direction to look in, would be appreciated! 

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