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Embark, Kinda like Rimworld?


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So this game right looks like it could basically be a 3D version of rimworld, but its got a lot of problems with it. It is in Early Access so hopefully when it hits 1.0 it'll be solid, but does anyone else have any thoughts on this game? Could it be made into a sort of 3D rimworld? Or is this just another clone that should fade into the dustbin of history? You decide! And Debate, but I figured i'd pop this up here in case anyone was interested in modding it lol

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It does look good, but the main issue is that the game does not have any adult theme in its main gameplay, in Rimworld you can harvest organs, imprison innocent civilians, and be an awful person overall, but this looks way more tame, still haven't played it, might pirate it to see if the game is good, I do want a rimjobworld in 3D, the fact that one "3D pawns" project doesn't work, honestly took away most of my hope for these types of mods, but who knows

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