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  1. This is paradox, these anims will come with the special 50$ animations of yore dlc™, and a less robotic ver will come 5-6 years later at the same price, genuinely wish they weren't like that, i haven't purchased one single dlc, finally i like to think that they will release good and easy to learn modding tools and the community knows their thing at that point, the worst offender of the "there are the tools but no an artisan" club must be Kingdom come deliverance thats an example of good tools, good game but no modders, again the best we can do is hope and wait
  2. Thats beyond good, it would be nice to have both fully animated duels, and fully animated sex scenes but time and modders will tell
  3. the second one most likely, they can't fuck if there isn't where to
  4. Hopefully animations are possible, can you imagine Luxuria/Darkworld with them? things are going to be almost as crazy as skyrim, but I'm not that optimistic, the modding community will have to learn new tools, and we will have to wait until say tools come, on a side note, I would love to see more in the clothing department and maybe full armor while leading an army.
  5. Inb4 thread gets locked for offtopic, could you guys take this to your pms? Lest just fantasize about porn mods or use this for news of the game, we are here in LL, all of us are in the exact same degenerate bucket, at least in the eyes of the rest of the internet
  6. For a lot of people is one of the most important lines, the game itself is called "CRUSADERS kings" so yeah, is part of the essence of the franchise, it would be as bad as removing the elder scrolls of the elder scrolls series, also to further illustrate this point there is a cover of the first game:
  7. noice, thanks for this
  8. that's a relief, i don't want to impose but do you have the shot or a link to it?, i can't find it
  9. if that happens there will be an uncensor patch in release day or a day after that
  10. thanks!, and thanks for your hard work!
  11. ah well, at least it didn't dissapear like so many good mods in the past years, where will you post your discord Carabosse? or will it be private?
  12. hey sirbumpleton, it seems that your mod is incompatible with FU, or maybe is just on my end but it looks like it, anyways thanks for creating the sexbound patch yourself
  13. well, considering that it has our "place that should not be named" on the title i suppose was expected, that's their speciality
  14. Dickplomacy and it's reloaded version, that came from here, are porn mods with 3 animations cowgirl, doggy and reverse cowgirl, that come from Warwolf/Warphilia/SOTT these all were porn mods for warband, animation was posible then, it is posible now or will be possible now, we are just waiting for the mod tools or the so called "sorcerers" aka very dedicated modders
  15. HumanoidAlienRaces was the problem, thought it was compatible, it seems that for now I will play with humans only, thanks for the hard work and the fast answer anyway, Platinum
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