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  1. Algen


    I could have come here and fix my problem without having to look mod for mod, but yeah didn't knew what mod was the one causing the problem, anyways thanks dude
  2. Your best bet is to go to a sexbound server and download their modpack, but I recommend you, go get every mod on your own, that way you know what goes into your computer, luck
  3. "dedicatged" geniunely don't know if you were trying to do a cat pun for the Felins or typo, I think you can edit the lines tho, also is starbound, you can't (or shouldn't) take the game seriously, the second worst menace are the pinguin pirates so yeah
  4. Thanks for the hard work!, we needed more lines in there, especially for the glinch but my God dude, I can't take the dogespeak from the fenerox seriously, love it.
  5. Hopefully mod tools come soon not animated yet, text is nice but animations are way better, depending on the person, but I like to think more people wants to see what they are doing
  6. You will have way more luck outright asking possible modders in forums/communities of the game, is an adult game so there must be some place to ask, luck in finding them
  7. There are dozens of games that could be adult modded, but a reminder of three things: One: you need people and tools for modding it, KC:D (no people), GTA series (no tools) and now Bannerlord don't really have porn mods or "full" porn mods, Bannerlord does have the text mods but it's predecessor had fully animated sex scenes, we still are waiting for the modding tools. Two: there should be a big adult fanbase, if there is no demand, there are no mods, a example of that would be "Enter the Gungeon", a modder did a basic test some time back, but got a bad response from LL, so he just abandoned the project. And three: the community should be mature enough to take a porn mod, rimjobwolrd is shunned in reddit, but loved here and on 4chan, Sexbound's creator had to dissapear for some time and change their LL name after the backslash from starbound's community, finally an ontopic example: some guy did tried to create a nude survivor, but almost got lynched by the community
  8. Algen

    [mod] Sexbound

    Holy shit, I thought that we saw the last of sexbound, this day was already good, now is way better gotta try it when I get home, thanks for the hard work as always!
  9. This has a pair, you can do them yourself too, just ask in the main thread for the guides if they are not there, can't remmember now, also this set works too, luck!
  10. Bruh, read the big post, the website is no more, Locuturus left to do orther things
  11. This is the newest patch https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/beta-patch-notes-e1-4-2.425206/ and something that might be of interest for us: Skins xml is now moddable.
  12. This is paradox, these anims will come with the special 50$ animations of yore dlc™, and a less robotic ver will come 5-6 years later at the same price, genuinely wish they weren't like that, i haven't purchased one single dlc, finally i like to think that they will release good and easy to learn modding tools and the community knows their thing at that point, the worst offender of the "there are the tools but no an artisan" club must be Kingdom come deliverance thats an example of good tools, good game but no modders, again the best we can do is hope and wait
  13. Thats beyond good, it would be nice to have both fully animated duels, and fully animated sex scenes but time and modders will tell
  14. the second one most likely, they can't fuck if there isn't where to
  15. Hopefully animations are possible, can you imagine Luxuria/Darkworld with them? things are going to be almost as crazy as skyrim, but I'm not that optimistic, the modding community will have to learn new tools, and we will have to wait until say tools come, on a side note, I would love to see more in the clothing department and maybe full armor while leading an army.
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