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Height slider compatible with WW

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Hello guys! First of all I apologize for my bad English!
I have seen that in the WW menu there is the option that WW animations adapt to the height of the sims!
But which is the WW mod compatible to be able to adjust the height of the sims?
Thank all!

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The Redheadsims, Luumia, and simmythesim height sliders are all supposed to work with the height slider option according to the WW patch notes from when that feature was originally released. Not sure if the simmythesim one still works with it, though, since I'm using the newest (GODJUL1) version of it and it doesn't seem to be working right.

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I use Luumia height slider, and it works well with wicked whim , in the sense that during sex, the height of the sims is adjusted to match each other, but after sex, the original height is not restored.... so have to go back to CAS to readjust the hight.... any solution to this? I think the original height should be restored afterward ...  

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kimbo01 Same here. I've got one taller male, a normal height female, and a shorter girl sim in my family. Whenever I make the tallest guy have sex with the shortest girl, he eventually shrinks down to become even smaller than the normal height sim. But then he always remain taller than his sexual partner, so maybe it's the matter of ratio? Well at least I wasn't the one who fucked up the mod, I'm rather relieved. I wonder why this bug is not quite mentioned on other forums

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