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Warped feet with Ars Hercules Armor - Meshes messed up

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Hi all.

In the last few days I've been trying to make  Ars Hercules Armor mod to work properly and haven't found any way to do it, mostly because I'm totally inept at using Nifskope and I usually couldn't see an elephant in a closet.

Long story short, in Nifskope and Bodyslide everything looks fine, but in game I have this instead:


As you can see, the feet are hopelessly warped. The other pieces of the outfit work normally. This is the only HDT mod that I've encountered problems with, and I get this issue with both the "base" mod and the bodyslide version. I use the standard XPMS skeleton (because I could never figure out how to get back-mounted swords and daggers with Extended) with all its requirements, HDT PE with its requirements, The Joy of Perspective, Archery Gameplay Overhaul (I mention it because it overrides some things from the skeleton) no custom races, and I use the UUNP body.
Reinstalling the skeleton, HDT and their respective requirements solved nothing. I've tried many times.

In Nifskope i've searched for "NiStringsExtraData" nodes as it was suggested in another thread weeks ago, but I found none in the sandal/greaves mesh nor in the feet mesh.


Can anyone help me?

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