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Body Types?

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I haven't modded New Vegas since around 2013/14 back when BEWARE OF GIRL was THE body type to use for females, and I don't even remember what was the most used body type for males, so I have no idea which body type these days offers the most content - Or even if it matters now that New Vegas has Bodyslide support. There's so many new ones that I'm a bit lost, so I'm asking here for a bit of advice.


By content, I mean custom outfits, vanilla outfit replacers (This is the most important to me aside from support regarding Sexout mods and additions, but I do like a bit of choice when it comes to my outfit replacers so multiple options for this is a plus), skin/body textures ect; both for males and females. I'm completely at a loss! 

I'd super-appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction for getting the most bang for my buck when it comes to bodies, outfits and replacers, thanks!

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