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PSA - Graphics Improvement

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Disclaimer: This post is not directly related to DOA6 modding so if a moderator removes this post, I won't be offended. Also, this might be common knowledge to everyone and I'm just late to the party but I just discovered this and thought it was worth sharing with the community.


I always thought the graphics settings in this game were pretty bare boned and while the graphics in this game are good, things like the shading and resolution of shadows left a lot to be desired.

Since I did not have a lot of options to tweak graphics in game, I just went into my NVIDIA Control Panel (I'm assuming AMD cards have some similar program) and I overrode the in-game settings and maxed everything out.


Doing that made a HUGE improvements in graphics with no impact on performance. Like I said, maybe this is already common knowledge and I am just stating the obvious but I wish I had done this sooner; the shadows, lighting, and textures all look noticeably better.


EDIT: there is no film grain in this game so, that first setting in the picture below, "Image Sharpening," actually looks better (in my opinion) if its set at Sharpen 0.35 and Ignore Film Grain 0


DoA6 Graphics 1.PNG

DoA6 Graphics 2.PNG

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5 hours ago, 用户名623 said:

Is there a contrast picture before and after the adjustment? I want to see the effect

I thought about doing that in the original post but I thought it would be hard to get a screenshot with the settings off and then restart the game with the settings changed and take the exact same screen shot, from the same angle, with the same lighting, etc., so I didn't add game-play photos because it wouldn't be a good before and after comparison.  Honestly the amount of performance hit your game will take and the amount of improvement you will see is also specific to your own graphics card and gaming rig, so a picture of my game would not necessarily be a good gauge for you.  I suggest you give it a shot and see if you like it better, it doesn't take long to do and then undo if you don't like it or it slows your game down. I honestly do think the shadows more than anything look better with the aliasing and such turned up higher.

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