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Skyrim - Green Screen Tutorial

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I create this Video for friend but im gonna upload it for everyone :o lol


Yes i know some stuff may be in language u dont understand... but my friend talk in same english as me and i dont know how to change language xD lol

but hey u still can... hmm... at least try :D lol





Here is what this video is about









Only for 19,99$

Buy now and get nothing as special reward !... lol...



Hope u all pay !... or im gonna call police :o !...



If you are too dumb to follow video... gosh its 17 min long... dont ask for help :o !... lel xD

naaaa u can ask no problem :D but u know... i pretty dont care about posts here so i may not even read your question xDDD



However You can still TRY !...

But u will fail anywaaaa :o !... so why u want to try?... give up u cant do it xD Lol xDDDDD 




hmm :x...


... GOSH WHY THIS YT IS SO SLOW im srsl waiting here for YouTube to finish upload...

-_-... fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff



btw. any1 playing Hypixel here ? ;o 




ohh NICE done... here is video:




Ohh wait... thats wrong video :o


Anywaa watch both !...


Ye ye ye i did it on purpose xD hehehehehe :D lol...


but srsl here is correct video:





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