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UNP HDT no longer working [FIXED]

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Hello everyone, I couldn't find a thread on this issue, so I'm posting for help.


My issue is that it seems as though HDT physics for the UNP body seem to have stopped working after having used bodyslide, granted I downloaded LE bodyslide to port over the UNP presets, which works fine except now there dont seem to be any HDT physics. I have HDT SMP installed, as well as XP32MS which I've made sure to put lower in the load order, as well as FNIS (All of the custom animations I have work fine) and I even have KS Hairdo's SMP which work with physics. I have also tried reinstalling some of these mods to get the physics working to no avail. 


So I was wondering if anyone knew if this was an issue with my using UNP with Bodyslide since it's not supported on SE's bodyslide, or if anyone can think of anything else that might be causing the issue? Thank you

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