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SLEN causes aggro

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SLEN dialogues and part work fine but... whenever I use the shout or slay a dragon in front of npcs, instead of triggering an orgy or getting excited, all of the affected npcs (besides followers and friends) attack. Stormcloak soldiers on the road, whiterun guards at the tower, etc... Does anyone have any idea why this might be? I have SL Solutions, SL Defeat, and SL Aroused Redux installed and working. Couldn't find any posts with a similar problem in the forum.

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Yeah, unfortunately I added SLEN later in the game so the usual one-at-a-time adding and removing of mods troubleshooting is a bit problematic (I suppose I could start a new game and cheat a bit to try to isolate the cause/conflict, I was just hoping to speed up that process.) I went all the way to level 58 before killing the first dragon and low, instead of an orgy all the Whiterun guards turned on me. I tried a couple other times without luck, killed a couple dragons with people around and shouted in cities and wilderness with same results. Last night I tried the shout on some guards outside of Windhelm and it (FOR ONCE) performed correctly, I wish I knew what the difference between these cases is. I have had a couple of cases where NPCs aggro simply from being targeted with 'N' too (VERY rarely), so I imagine that may be connected.

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