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[SOLVED] First Person Model Bug

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I have this bug where i have this floating clothing piece whenever I'm in first person view. I have no clue what is causing it, but I do know that it's affected clothing from Killer Keo's Clothing Replacer and the Hobble Dress from the Devious Device series.


I haven't tested all of the armor or clothing yet, but this is really bothering me.


Attached are pictures of what's wrong and my load order and MO2 installed mod list.


I'm short on time as I write this so I'll elaborate more later if needed.


Thank you!



Load Order.txt MO2 - Installed Mods.txt


EDIT: So it turns out it was because of XPMSE Skeleton. I had checked off a compatibility option for Joy of Perspective and I forgot that didn't install it in favour of other similar mods. Moral of the story, always remember what compatibility options you check off.

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