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Music Overhaul For A Sexy Play-through

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I am looking for a game music overhaul. I found lots of fantasy options, but that is the opposite of what I am going for. I want my character to have nice sexy music to dance to when in taverns and really anywhere. Mods like the one below have music that is in the vein of what I would like. Do any of you have suggestions for a mod that might work for me?


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You can use my "The Radio" Mod...

Idk which version i upload but its AT LEAST working version :x...


but probably old version :)


[Tobi] TheRadio.rar


Here is video how my mod works:




Here is video how to setup your own music:





With this Mod you can play any music You want - first You have to upload Your music ( Video tutorial )

Get SpellBook with AddItemMenu ( other mod ) or find book in Tobias House V3


Then use Spell to open Radio Menu and play any music you upload before




You can do anything you want with this file i just upload... idc...

You can also reupload it for other website...


thats why i give u old version :P because i dont even care about my old mods xD lol



not so long time ago i found my old mod on YT... i also ask for Download Link but i got no answer T_T...




in short

1) get spell with additemmenu

2) use spell to open Radio Menu

3) Play music :D


ofc. first you have to find "Sexy" music and download it on your PC and Upload it to TheRadio :D lol ( watch TUT )




ohh xDDD now im watching my own Video ( TheRadio - Show )

this is so fking old video :o


TheRadio looks way different now :o

for example


"Hello Message" this message you saw before TheRadio Menu is now INSIDE main menu so u dont

waste time to click "OK" button xDDD lol


and those Hello Messages were so fking stupid :D lol...


... hmm some of them are not that bad... but some of them are so fking bad xDDD

hope i upload version without stupid messages :D


because in next versions of TheRadio i just delete all stupid messages xD


"Who is price of Lies" Todd Todd Todd :D 

lol xD worse message ever xDDDDDDD

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