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Any current or potential game creators using Unreal Engine need programming help?

Loony Mods

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I've been gaining interest in taking part in making some sort of adult game, but I'm not skilled at the more creative and attention-grabbing aspects of game development, meaning 3D modelling and animating or 2D art. I like to think I'm decent at Blueprints (like visually coding) in Unreal though. So while I'm stuck knowing stuff about the non-flashy and invisible parts of making a game, I feel that there's probably people in the opposite situation - 3D modellers, artists, and animators who can make something that looks dang good but doesn't know how to do the "game" part of a game. So this is a cry into the void kind of, looking for those people. Even if you feel you can slog through all the aspects of making a game, a larger team could get more things done faster. If anyone's interested, feel free to respond here or message me directly!

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