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Share my journey fixing one CTD in my game

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Hello all, I just came across one consistent ctd in my game and spend maybe an hour or two before I found the cause. Maybe not that useful, I just start the topic before I found the cause but found one before I post.


The ctd was at the small bandit camp at Whiterun city wall (Smuggler's Den)


1st suspect, new mod

- I install a new home mod which has opening near Smuggler's Den and found CTD. So I...


>> Got rid of it and a few other mod I got at the same time. Thought all is good but walk around and got ctd still

>> Walk around nearby and only found ctd in that area for now 

>> Been to the area before and killed all bandits there a while back

>> No framedrop of increase use of memory before CTD

>> No CTD if I run quickly through that area (using longstride spell from a mod to run faster (around X1.5-2), still ctd with vanilla running speed)
(Therefore, not some mesh conflict)

>> I had my character run with vanilla speed from both north and south of the area and still only ctd roughly at that area


2nd Suspect Sexy Bandit Captive Mod

- I have problem with this mod since the beginning. I can't enslave anyone since it will bug off and can't uninstall it even at the point before I read the note to initiate the mod since it will corrupt my save. Therefore I thought it bug once again. So I...


>> Kill those captives and markfordelete and spend time elsewhere a couple days before came back but it made no different (still ctd after standing for a few seconds in the area)

(Back when I killed Bandit, SBC are already active)

- Checked and got no problem with another nearby bandit camp with captives

- Semi-new game start at abundoned prison with 70% of the MCM setting (both SBC active and not active) found no ctd

- Resaver on the save make no different


I am about to ask here what could cause this since it seems to related to some script with cooldown since no ctd if quickly move move pass through the area. The script got to apply to something in that area (likely alive).


In the last test, I realized one things I haven't thought of before... A horse. I look at it before my last ctd.


Next boot I check Creature Framework MCM, I never even use the mod. It just annoy me that defeat mod keep mistakenly trying to start a scene even when I don't have any creature stuff and have creature disabled in the Defeat mod so I throw a few creature mod to make thing consistent.


Open the MCM, it prompt that creature mod somehow initializing something eventhough nothing change related to it. But it doesn't matter, I disable everything possible in the mod MCM and go to the area again.


Boom, no ctd!


Just sharing in case it useful somehow to someone .

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