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Wood elf / elves tweak mods


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Hi everyone,

I found a mod called inhabitant of skyrim (on the nexus mods portal) which pretty change every face preset in the game, but i still think wood elves haves ugly eyes, not enough face customisation for me to make a really good looking (female) wood elf.


In any case, I think this is applicable to any race in the game, I am talking about wood elves because my main character is a wood elve, my other char is a massive male orc.


My question here, is to know if any mod do exist who would let me make an even better characters by extensive face customisation which could include more war paint, more eyes, more mouth and options.


I am pretty sure it should exist somewhere. Any ideas?


Thanks a lot :D :D


OH and FYI: I am using CBBE and CBBE faces. I know better female exist, but not sure about that massive makeup

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