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HDT High Heels to Racemenu High Heels

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I've been using Racemenu high heels for some time and it's been working quite well, and I'd like to switch off of HDT HH completely to just using Racemenu HH. However, I have some older clothes mods that have HDT HH as a requirement. Is there a way to convert those mods from using HDT HH to Racemenu HH?

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yes it is surprisingly easy.


First you need 3 programs, tes v edit, wrye bash (not absolutely necessary but it will make your life much easier), and nifskope. Also I recommend that u use mo, or mo2 as a mod manager.


remove hdt high heels the plugin only! from your lo then use wryebash to create a dummy master, by right clicking the plugin that needs the master and selecting the option in the pop up.


then open up tes v edit and check for errors, once all the errors are found use tes v edit to remove them. then clean masters.


finally find the feet mesh (its a .nif file) and open it with nifskope.

I recommend u search up a tutorial to convert the mesh to niovveride with nifskope as it would be hard for me to explain here, I know I am better with a demonstration rather than an explanation myself. its as simple as changing some values tho.


then the conversion is done.


edit: tho im not sure if wrye bash is on se tho. this just means you will have to find all the hdt highheels ref yourself which can be tedious, as checking for errors gives the exact form id making the process easier.

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