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Hi all.

This is my first post.

While playing one of my games where I have a sexshop, I realized that I did not like having a magazine shelf where every time it went on sale, the entire shelf was sold. I started looking for CC that had individual magazines.

So guiding me in a creation of wtrshpdwn I started to personalize some magazines for my liking with some characters of the game. One thing led to another and I decided to use the images to personalize a street advertisement for the City Living expansion... When I realized, I wanted to share it with you.

It is a simple and bad job compared to much of the content published here. I hope you like it

The original CC can be found here along with more author creations: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-objectrecolors-furnishing-decor-clutter/title/surfing-magazines-requires-spa-day/id/1458597/ (This work was done respecting and giving credit to the original CC and its creator).

A thank you to all the modders who have made this game more versatile and fun and have been on the lookout.


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