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Wierd Glow + pants issue

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Hello friendly people


i have problems with 2 things:


1. The female bodys in sex scenes have a "wierd glow" on their front, which looks like the shimmering reflection of water (its also on the ass). I don't know if its an lighting issue or if it is from a sexlab mod ( i tried disable lighting and fx mod, but nothing changed),. Maybe someone has an idea?


2. My character doesn't take off his underwear in sexscenes, and i don't know why. I went trough every setting on all my installed mods, but i cant find an answer.


thanks in advance :)


Installed relevant mods are:

1. Climates of Tamriel, Enhanceed lights and FX, Caliente Beautiful Bodies, JK Skyrims All in one, HDT-SMP

2. sexLabFrameworkSE, SexLabAroused, SexLabEager, Spouses Enhanced, Zaz Animation, Flower Girls

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