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SkyrimSE, help me put together a sex modlist

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Game: Skyrim SE. Latest ver.

I have SOS Full install, a bunch of other npc overhauls aswell so would be nice if they didnt wreck those.
Also using CBBE so would be nice if it works with CBBE Special.



Big dingos. And lots of cobwebs for both actors. 
Wouldnt hurt if NPCs can randomly (in their homes or inns) do the sex.

Beastiality in terms of humanoids is ok. Dragon and spider stuff is just weird.
Physics interaction between the actors would be nice.

Prefer spells over dialogue unless the dialogue dont mess with quests and other stuff.

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Hi, I believe your request is too generic.

Sexlab Framework

FNIS (+ Creature pack)

These mods pretty much required to technically enable sex scenes.


Then you need mods for context, for example:

Working girl - enables prostitution

Sexlab survival - integrates with non-adult survival mods and adds social survival in an adult fashion

Slaverun - adds slavery

I forgot the name, there was a mod for sex after lost combat.


I think you should specify what kind of context you seek.

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