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explanation on modding for newbies?


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So I am finally breaking down and asking for help. I see some incredible screenshots of body mods, textures, body maps, faces...the list goes on and on with how many details you can alter for characters. I am getting the feeling though...without understanding each component to the making of characters, I will continue to be lost. I don;t understand 3d modeling enough probably, to know how many different parts go into making each character (when i refer to coponents, i mean>>> body maps, textures, skeletons, etc)


Maybe if someone could take the time and explain what "parts" go into these character files in layman's terms.. and really break it down for me, then maybe i could start to be on my way to understanding modding as a whole. And possibly in the future, maybe being able to create models and mods myself.


Sorry for the tl;dnr, if you did, I appreciate it, but I feel without any prior knowledge of what goes into making a game like this, I will always be limited to what is provided on the nexus forums.


i.e. list of mod types would be a good idea if anyone has the time or resources to help those with little to no knowledge of this kind of stuff.

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Hey dude :D

It's always nice to see more guys tryin' or starting mods or at least wanting to give it a try.

Skyrim structures are different for Npcs/Humanoids/players and those animals and weapons.

Basically, for humanoids we have Body(torso),head,hand and feet parts with skeleton.

Animals is just a complete model(torso,head,hand etc all together in a single mesh) with skeleton and weapons/shields are single mesh without bones.

You can mod all of them, part by part individually or replace those separated parts by a complete model.Because Skyrim works using model, plus, references included on the NIF files(edited on Creation Kit).

I think that's all you'll need to know to understad skyrim mod.But to do that, you'll need 3d model/rigging knowledge, to create or port/convert stuffs.

I have good tutorials from youtube, that i always watch when i forgot something or some details, i can post them here if you want.

And good luck on that :D

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