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Maybe a bug in the program? Animation problem

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I noticed that some of my downloaded animations were not running for a long time, so I deleted the animations in sims 4 so the ones I wanted to randomly run would run more often.


When I did this the (have sex) on the romance selection would no be there anymore and the sims would not ask for sex anymore.  These animations include the outdoor equipment animations, fitness machines, refrigerator, ottoman, and bondage equipment.  When I put all the animations back on, I tried to selected the outdoor only animations to be run, but the (have sex) romance would not run  the outdoor animations  It instead selected all other animations.   If I would select everything, (high risk areas, comfy areas, etc) it would not run the item animations noted above.  


(P.S)   I could still click on the item animations items myself and they would run.  They just won't work otherwise.    Thanks...


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The question will be trivial but: how old is your sim? if he is under eighteen he cannot have sex with anyone (it escapes me if the reaction is valid even on his own) and moreover in public , must also have a high degree of exhibitionism to have sex in public (outdoors) . WW has an age restriction to change. Furthermore WW has a setting related to romance, if it were active, you will not have sex with anyone before having a specific value of romance. Disabling this option, disabling age restriction will restart the game

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